Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ten Wishes

Top ten odd wishes that come to mind on a slow Tuesday:
1. There were more cookies in the 100 calorie packages of Lorna Doones.
2. My lap dog didn’t have so much gas.
3. My gums weren’t receding…what on earth started this latest reminder of my age?
4. Girl Scout cookies were already here.
5. I didn’t need so much moisturizer. If one more body part starts to dry out or wrinkle, I will officially be bathing in Oil of Olay.
6. The straws in Arby’s drinks weren’t so tall that they scratch the roof of my mouth.
7. The tag in my shirt wasn’t so scratchy.
8. I could wear pajamas to work instead of shirts with scratchy tags.
9. I had a clue about what to fix for dinner.
And finally…10. I could care about the President’s state of the union address tonight. I REALLY REALLY want to care, but I'm just too tired of the rhetoric.

1 comment:

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