Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting to Know You

I am incredibly curious. Well, downright nosey, if you want to know the truth. I eavesdrop on the conversations of strangers at the mall. I eyeball people's groceries in the checkout line, and I read the blogs of people I don't know. I love learning about people and what makes them each unique. Perhaps, that's why I enjoy blogging. I am intrigued by strangers, and I assume others are curious about me. That's because people stop by my blog each day, and I can count on one hand the readers that I actually know. I have no clue who the others are that log in and nudge my counter upward. I'm dying to know more about you. What part of the country do you live in? What do you do for a living? Why do you want to read what I have to say? What emotions do my ramblings pull out of your soul? I have an insatiable appetite for this kind of information.

When I first installed a counter, I was startled to discover that anyone actually visited my little corner of cyberspace. I don't advertise it much because I don't have the time, so I'm still a little surprised each morning to log on and see verification that someone knocked on my door and came on in while I was away. I'm even more surprised when someone takes the time to leave a comment. I do my fair share of lurking on other blogs, and I often don't leave comments on other blogs because I'm so busy. Some days I do well to fill this space. However, I hope you will delurk at some point and introduce yourself because I really want to know you. Stop by any time. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. I'm a people person. I love company. Share a tidbit or two about yourself. Tell me what's in your grocery cart. I'm dying to know.


crazycatladymel said...

Now okay?

I wish I could tell you how I found your blog. I know it was recently, and it was via either another crafty blog or Flickr, because that's usually how I find new blogs.

I'm Mel, from Michigan. Married, with no kids and 7 (!) cats (accidentally). I'm a computer geek for a living and knit, sew, read and watch movies for fun. Plus the occasional Ren faire.

Mia said...

My grocery cart: Granny Smith Apples, frozen pizza (Tony's)various sugar-free products: jelly,ice cream,pancake syrup,Stripples (fake vegetarian bacon)LOTS of peanut butter,Go-Gurt,Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks....I love to read your blog because you are nostalgic, have a wonderful way with words and a wicked sense of humor!!! Keep blogging!

janjanmom said...

Nah, I just want to read all of your private personal info. I'll keep mine all to myself.

Oh wait, that's not me is it?

lisa said...

I found your photo in the Pioneer Woman Reader's set on Flickr. (My photo is there too). I live in New Hampshire. My shopping cart tends to have lots of fresh food in it, and I try to shop at local farm stands when I can. I'm married and have one small cat with a really big attitude. I'm a crafter, web design tinkerer and Tarot reader.

Supercop said...

I'm your brother. You'll beat me up if I don't. HA!I like to check in since you are as witty and sarcastic as I am.

My single man's cart usually contains soda, water, paper plates, cat food, soap and toilet paper.