Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Have Today

This one is for Sissy. She's moving hundreds of miles away from her home of fifteen years this Friday. She's had some bad times and is making a new start. In the last seven years she has buried a son, a husband and a best friend. She also lost a twin brother about twenty years ago. Life has been mighty difficult for her in the last few years. I hope the sun shines bright for Sissy in Florida.

I Have Today

The winds of change blow once again
Pushing me on my way
I fear the road that lies ahead
But know I cannot stay

I cannot stay where darkness thrives
Where memories hold me tight
I need the warmth of a new star
To point me toward the light

My heart is bruised but beating strong
My hope will lead the way
I know I’ll find the brighter path
Because I have today

I have today to start anew
Another chance to run
To dance and dream, to dare and hope
A ticket to ride the sun

I have the power to beat the rain
That stains my world with gray
I can paint life strokes of color
Because I have today.

I’m stronger now than yesterday
A traveler’s soul I’ve grown
It feeds these wings of liberty
My destiny I own

I’m shedding my coat of regrets
The past I’ve packed away
This new journey starts tomorrow
Because I have today

Hulagirlatheart 6/26/07

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