Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kindergarten Smiles

School starts in a couple of days, and a whole lot of little folks will toddle onto that big yellow bus for the first time and head off to kindergarten. I love kindergarteners. They are so cute. I remember Teen Angel on her first day of school. Her backpack was as big as she was. She was spit and polished in her romper and matching hair bow, but she couldn’t have cared less about what she was wearing. She just wanted to go to school. She was ready. She was too little to be embarrassed by the fan club that gathered in the driveway to see her off: mom, dad, Mama J. and Papa T. Of course, I cried, even though I tried not to. It’s so hard to turn loose of little ones because you know you can’t protect them from everything anymore. I know some moms (and dads) who will be crying in their driveways this Thursday. I penned this one for them.

Kindergarten Smiles

Notebooks, pencils,
shiny new shoes.
A colorful backpack
bigger than you.

A great big step
to the yellow bus
signals the end of what
was once just us.

A smile, a wave,
you’re on your way.
Your journey without me
begins today.

Will you be scared?
Will you make friends?
I hope you’re smiling when
your first day ends.

From this day on
the years will fly.
Soon you’ll be grown and then
waving goodbye.

Indulge my tears
on this big day
and the catch in my heart as
the bus pulls away.

I share your joy
about this ride,
the doors it will open,
prizes it hides.

But it seems too soon
to let you go
to share you with a world
of troubled souls.

Hurt and sorrow,
anger and crime.
Now they begin to touch
this child of mine.

I pray for strength,
wisdom and peace,
for the power to touch
when out of reach.

Know I’m with you
when we’re apart.
I am your first teacher.
You are my heart.

Laughter through tears
will carry me
through each of your milestones.
I’m fine, you’ll see.

I’ll be right here
when you get home
to share your joy about
the trip alone.

Today’s the first
of many trips
that will open new doors
and sail new ships.

Ignore my tears.
They’re really smiles
for my kindergarten child’s
first learning miles.
By Hula Girl, August 2006

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