Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sunshine in Missouri

I'm posting from a St. Louis Holiday Inn where we just spent the day at Six Flags. It is hotter than Guam here. 98 degrees and sun, sun, sun. I've had all the sun I can stand for a few days. Hubby and I spent the day in the water park while Teen Angel and her buddy rode rides. The wave pool was so packed you couldn't stir 'em with a stick. That's southern for really crowded. We saw a lot of tired kids, many cranky parents and several sunburned bodies. Oh, and plenty of tattoos. Today's winner? The Winnie the Pooh cartoon strip panels that stretched up and down one man's arm. There were several bad bathing suits as well. The grand prize in that category goes to the fat man in the tiny neon blue Speedo. The poor service award goes to the snack stand that ran out of food AND ice. Hot people get grumpy when they can't get cold drinks, includng me. All in all, it was a good day. The girls are headed for the hotel pool and I'm headed for a shower. This trip has been unique in a very special way. More on that tomorrow.....if I'm not too pooped to post by the time we wander home. I wonder if anyone will notice if I wear my pajamas to the hotel pool?

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Teacher Mom said...

that's the thing you know...pajama pants and house shoes when you are out and about!!