Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Turning up the Heat

Hot Dang! It’s hot! As I write this the temperature is 101 degrees, but it feels like 106 according to the National Weather Service. The humidity is only 34%, which is unusually low for these parts. Thank goodness. We wouldn’t be able to breathe if it were any higher. It’s supposed to be this hot again tomorrow with a heat index of 110. Summer is smacking us around like it usually does in August, but I am not complaining. I hate cold weather. I whine and mope all winter long for summer, so now that’s it’s here I’m keeping my mouth shut. I refuse to acknowledge that I’m sweating like an ugly girl on her first date. I am also in complete denial about the way my whacked out hormones are reacting to the heat. I kicked the covers off the bed so hard last night I almost sent the dog sailing with them. I think I scared him because he ran to the other side of the bed and stayed there the rest of the night. Today I have had a fan running full blast from the file cabinet across from my desk. I have on linen capris and a t-shirt and it still feels like too much. My clothing gets briefer as the days get warmer this week. At this rate I’ll be showing up for work nak*d by Friday. The heat has forced me inside to the treadmill this week, but I still walked away from my run today smelling like a sour rag….after my shower. Can I just say I am jealous of the way men can run in just a pair of shorts?

Of course, some of my sweating may come from the fact that Teen Angel starts high school tomorrow. I’m trying to be really excited for her, but I’m so apprehensive about the next four years. She’s going to grow up SO much in that time. She identified herself as “your little freshman” when she called me earlier today. Wow. When did she get that old? When did I get so old? We are a year and a half away from dates and a driver’s license. Is it any wonder I’m sweating bullets? We have a saying around here that "you pay for your raising'", which means your kids make you pay for all the misery you caused your own parents when you were growing up. If that's the case then I'll be sop and wet (southern for soaked) every day between now and May 2011. It looks as if this heat wave could last a while.


janjanmom said...

Oh my, naked and topless all in one post. Watch your sitemeter, you blog traffic should increase exponentially!!

I try to always write nak*d or t*pless to keep the scary trolls away.

hulagirlatheart said...

Good tip! My judgement must have been temporarily marred by the heat.