Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tiny Bubbles

The Hula’s are up to their necks in bubbles. Warm, frothy bubbles that sooth the back and massage the legs. Spa bubbles that gurgle and pop in every direction. We are the proud new owners of a hot tub. Sweet! It’s been sitting in the back yard for a week, but we had to finish building the deck and have some electrical work done before we could fill it with water and turn it on. The last few days have been like Christmas Eve in a house full of kids. A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-O-N. But the waiting is over, and the bubbles are on.

Teen Angel was the first in the family to break it in. When I got home she was sitting in it, book in hand and stereo blaring. I could hear the bass from the front yard. I threw on my swimsuit and joined her. It was great. We soaked before dinner and again before bedtime. After all, we had to see what the colored lights were like in the dark. We soaked with the stereo on and with it off. With the bubbles on and with them off. We tried out every feature and every level of power. We probably used enough electricity to run all of the refrigerators in South Dakota. At this rate, we’re going to need more swimsuits. I’m sure our excitement will level off, but for now we’re sniffing bubbles like a hound dog chasing rabbits.

We built the deck so we could entertain large groups of people. We've never had room to do that inside our house. As with just about everything we do, we got a little carried away. I think we can sit nearly 30 people on this deck. That should hold all of the people we can afford to feed at any one time. We’ve got a great set up now; hot tub, pool, killer stereo and a great eating area. We can really entertain now. There is only one problem that didn’t occur to me until last night. As I surveyed the backyard and watched Teen Angel soaking to the sounds of Nickelback, I realized that Hubby and I can never leave town on the weekend anymore and leave her home alone. Yes sir, we have created quite the party area. Crap.

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