Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun Monday-Our Quirks

The lovely lisa marie is our hostess today. Here are her instructions.

A quirk is defined as a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism. We are all unique individuals, having quirks that help make us who we are. I would like to know what your quirks are. Confess to one, confess to ten, you decide.
Oh my. Where to begin? My friends tell me I’m a little quirky in general. And I can understand why. Just being a Parrot Head is qualification alone. Really, how many people wear shoes like this?
I was probably born in the wrong generation. I really was meant to be a hippie or so those same friends tell me. I’m all about peace, love, civil rights and 60’s rock ‘n roll. If I had been born fourteen years earlier I definitely would have been at Woodstock or Height in the summer of ’68. Living outside my own generation makes me somewhat quirky, but lisa marie is looking for specifics today, so here we go:

1. In general, I don’t like the foods on my plate to touch, but I love mixing mashed potatoes and corn into a big glob with salt, pepper and butter. I could eat a whole bowl of just potatoes and corn…mixed up…in fact, I’d like to have some right now.
2. My favorite breakfast drink is club soda doctored with those fruit flavored packets you add to bottled water. It has the taste of fruit juice and the fizz of soda. I love something really fizzy in the morning.
3. I’m one of the fourteen people in the United States who doesn’t own a coffee pot because I’d rather have something fizzy in the morning.
4. Sometimes I open a can of corn or green beans and eat them out of the can, unheated. Mushrooms, too.
5. While I’m not a picky eater, I’m always putting stipulations on the food I eat in restaurants. For example: I order unsweetened tea at McDonalds but I ask for it in the Styrofoam cup instead of the plastic cup. The plastic cup gets too sweaty. I often order sandwiches plain and dressings that aren’t meant for a particular salad. At Cracker Barrel I want the biscuit after the meal (as dessert) and always with strawberry jelly. If I go through a drive-thru and order a Coke but all they have is Pepsi products, I politely say “no thank you” and do without a beverage because there IS a difference.
6. I like to eat raw potatoes sprinkled with salt. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why.
7. I’ve just realized that all of these bullet points are about food. What the heck?
8. I have one hip bone higher than the other.
9. For years my eyes were brown, then naturally they became somewhat green.
10. I can’t stand to smell raw chicken.
11. I can’t stand to touch the skin on raw chicken.
12. I can’t stand to put my hands in cold dishwater or dishwater that has floaties in it. Yak! I’m gagging right now just thinking about it.
13. My elbows are double jointed, allowing me to do gross tricks with my arms. It’s handy for freaking out drunken people at parties.
14. The lines in my left hand form a perfect star of David in the middle of my hand.
15. And the granddaddy of them all..(Insert eerie music here) sometimes I have premonitions, usually about something bad that’s going to happen. I hate it, and people look at me like I’m a freak when I admit this.

Wow. That list was a little longer than I expected, and I could have kept going. Hmm. Maybe my friends are right.


IamwhoIam said...

Well I have 6 dust buster - and no coffee pot, wonder who the other 12 people are. I could join you with the mash potatos, I like both creamed corn and whole corn both are yummy. That premonition thing would freak me out. Who would have thunk a grass skirt wearing parrothead? :-)

SwampAngel65 said...

Somehow I just knew you were a parrtohead, too! *high five*

Raw chicken IS gross, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. If I want to eat it, I gotta cook it! The premonition thing is creepy-cool. Hope you don't get too many of them!

janjanmom said...

Perhaps 14 and 15 are related...cue Twilight zone music...

I love you quirky girl!!

Heather said...

I hate putting my hands in any dishwater - I have to have gloves or I get all oooky feeling.

And my thumbs are double jointed - not quite as impressive as elbows, but quite disgusting to others when they see them bend backwards!

These were fun, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I eat cold food straight from the can myself. I was born in the hippie generation and loved every minute of it. Wish I had the premonition thingie going for me but my intuition serves me quite well. And ewww, a parrothead, no way!

Mariposa said...

I love the slippers!!! So cute! And if how we order things as McDonald's qualifies us to be related...then we are sisters!

Happy Monday!

Jeanna said...

I think the Star of David thing is very cool. I don't know about the raw potatoes though. Yeek. Many of mine involved food too, what else is new. I think I started mixing my mashed potatoes with corn cuz the tv dinners got them all a jumble.

Tracey_iPost said...

I have premonitions too! Usually in the form of dreams that come true. I've had them since I was little! Good to know I a not the only one!

min said...

You have a lot of quirks. I have a lot of quirks.
Not one of our quirks is the same.
How many quirks can there be in the world?

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm so busy giggling at your parrot feet...I forgot what else I was going to type. LOL They're adorable if you ask me.

My FM is posted...come on over!!

Jan said...

I think all Parrotheads are quirky, just like you. This is a fun post, and really interesting. We do have a coffee pot, I've never used it, and Bob stopped drinking coffee, it was required in the Navy and LAPD, but there it sits, collecting dust.

Amy said...

I love your quirks....especially number 5. That one makes me think of "When Harry Met Sally," and how she ordered everything in such an "interesting" way.:)

Number 12 makes me giggle too.:)

Molly said...

Maybe wanting to be a part of the Hippie generation is part of growing older but not up. We early boomers distrusted those over thirty; sadly (or happily depending on your perspective), we are twice that age. The fizzy breakfast drinks sound good to me, but I like my coffee first. I hope the bad premonition thing is not scary for you.

Debs said...

I too love to eat raw potatoes with salt on them.

I agree about Coke and Pepsi products. There is a difference and Coke wins with me every time!

Tiggerlane said...

Wow...lots of food rules, there! I HATE sticking my hands in dishwater, too...and I'm a big fan of Coke over Pepsi. There is a HUGE difference - you're right!

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Oh I'm totally trying out #2! It sounds delicious!

After reading #15 I don't think you're a freak. I think you'd be a "Freak" if you had these premonitions and kept them to yourself.

Very interesting list. Thanks for sharing!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, you have some fabulous quirks. Raw potato and salt makes me want to boff a bit, hee hee. The premonition thing must be really hard to handle at times, and I agree, pepsi = bleurghhh, coke = yum.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I've had premonitions, too. I get that. I don't drink coffee either, but we have a coffee pot, because hubby is a junkei.

Anonymous said...

The cafeteria where I used to work made the best corn chowder. They used mash potatoes in it. Imagine that! lol.

Potatoes with salt. Yum-my.

I always buy no bone, no skin chicken breasts so I can pick them out of the meat container with a fork and put them in a marinade without ever touching it!

You are perfect.

Alison said...

well, I am right with you on a few of these...I should have been born earlier too...I am a hippie at food cannot touch on the plate and I hate putting my hands in gross dish water!!

Faye said...

Love the shoes or parrots as the case may be. And, nothing wrong with some green beans straight out of the can. You could do worse.

Wouldn't the world be a kinder place if there were more children of the 60s making some of the decisions?

Sayre said...

Gah! I hate cold dishwater!!!! It drives me crazy when my husband leaves it in the sink.

grace said...

cute shoes! I have never had club soda, the biscuit at cracker barrel is so yummy, I don;t like their corn bread though...interesting reading about your quirks

Ellie said...

This was hilarious! Thanks for sharing this. Premonitions? Wow! I hope you come by and stop at my blog sometime!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

I have premonitions, too, but NLM thinks I'm nuts. Love the parrot head flip flops. I could make a political statement here, but will refrain....

lisaschaos said...

I am a diet coke in the morning kinda girl, if not for hubby we wouldn't have a pot either. Actually, I've always kept a coffee pot for family who drinks, but never drink it myself, love the smell though.

I totally eat mashed taters and corn together all the time. It can easily be my meal. YUM!

Thanx for playing!

Lew Jetton said...

You remember me......My quirks?

I drink coffee, black, by the gallon, not the pot.

I used to be picky about some things. Now I just want my loved ones to be healthy and happy, and I don't really care about anything else.

OK...I still make a cross on the windshield when a cat crosses the road in front of me.

Rayne said...

I absolutely, without a doubt, totally love those shoes!!!
I never thought of the fruit drink flavoring in club soda! I have got to go try that out. Great idea!
When I was little my mother told me that eating raw potatoes could kill you and I believed that up until just now.

Anonymous said...

WHere did you get those shoes???!!!! i love them!!