Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sand Script

Having blogged for just a little more than a year now, I am continually amazed at the connections I’ve made with people from all over the world via this webpage and how strong those connections can be. My circle of known readers isn’t very big, so I feel a kinship to each one of them, even though I’ve only met a couple of them. And it tickles me pink when a reader far off in blogland reaches out in friendship as if he were right next door. That’s what happened this week when I got a photo from Amy. Amy just got back from a dream vacation to the Mediterranean. I hope to make the same trip one day, but for now I’m living vicariously through her vacation posts. Before she left she mentioned that she wanted to write her name in the sand on the shores of Italy, and I jokingly told her to write my name in the sand, too. And lo and behold, look what I got in my mailbox Sunday.
Amy made sure I got to be on the shores of Sicily for a little while, so even if I never get there in person, I can say I’ve been there. How cool is that? And how sweet of her to take the time to do something special from someone she’s never laid eyes on. It speaks volumes about the kind of person she is…and about the marvelous way the internet shrinks the distance between shores. So thanks Amy. You’re a gem, even if you did eat a cannoli without me right after drawing in the sand.


Mia said...

YES!! Amy is a rare gem indeed! But Hula your'e not too bad yourself : )

Amy said...

Thank you, Hula!
I am so glad that you liked it...And I'm sorry about the cannoli...Next time, I will bring one back for you to eat too.:)

God Bless,

karisma said...

Wow what an amazing idea! Now you should get everyone else to do that and you could start a Hula Girl Sand collection from around the world!