Friday, June 20, 2008

Write That Down

Conversation over lunch today at Quiznos while watching a young child get unruly at another table.

Hubby: "I remember those days."
Hula: "Super Nanny would say that someone forgot to tell that child the expectations when she arrived."
Hubby: "What? Like stay seated and behave or I'll get your hind end?" Insert giggles.
Teen Angel: "You know. I'm not going to spank my children when I have kids."
Insert wild laughter from Hula and Hubby and choking on Roadhouse Sammie by Hula.
Teen Angel: "I won't."
Hula: "Maybe not. That's very noble but wait until you've tried everything, your kid still won't behave and you're at your wits end. You'll be surprised at what you resort to."
Teen Angel: "That won't happen to me."
Insert uncontrollable laughter from Hula and Hubby and slight wetting of pants by Hula.
Hula: "I'm just saying, don't make those kinds of statements and expect to live by all of them because people who don't have children eat a lot of crow after they have kids."
Teen Angel: "Well, I won't."
Insert exchange of knowing look between Hula and Hubby.
Hubby: "Let's get a pen and paper and start writing all of these things down and have her sign them so we can bring them up years from now."
Hula: "Oh, yeah. We're definitely writing this down."


karisma said...

Well, excuse me Miss Hula! But spanking I can say just does not work! Now one needs to learn just how the child ticks and work the torture from that end! I can honestly say that Im not a spanker at all. And once when I did resort to this it did not work,(said child, spanked me right back LOL, he was 9 months old at the time! The little horror!) "I will touch the damn hot fire if I want to mama!" Yes, he learned his own lesson there without Mama's help!

I Do agree with you though on the point that they will see, when they have their own kiddies!

Amy said...

Laughing here in Crazyville with you!:)

Shannon and I like to use "the curse" that Bill Cosby talked about....
When they are acting up, we say to them....

"I hope that when you have kids one day, they do this same thing to you!".........

Bill Cosby says that this curse works.......We'll see.....But like you, I better start making a list now, so I will know for sure.:)

Molly said...

Been there, done that...but honestly we did not spank very often. I can remember spanking twice; but admittedly, the memory of such things may be hazy.

hulagirlatheart said...

We actually spanked very little. The most effective thing for us has been to take away the things she enjoys most. I can say that on one occasion when I did spank (when she was about 9)it put an immediate end to some nasty behavior that had gone on far too long that day despite other punishments. My main point to Teen Angel was to be careful about stating what you will and won't do when you have kids and not to make judgements about other parents because parenting is much tougher and more unpredictable than you expect it to be.

Mia said...

I won't get into the spanking/no spanking debate...only I will say we have on occassion! But I do hear the same from my oldest "I am going to let MY child do what he/she wants" This grandma stuff is going to be fun don't cha think?

Rose said...

Great idea about writing down all the absolutes our children state. TG no one wrote any of mine down though! I was scanning some of your older posts and love those old 70's pictures. Reminds me of my childhood (born in 1960). Thanks for hosting FM tomorrow!

Mike Golch said...

some time the warming of the back side does work.,I was ashamed to have it done to me in public,and believe me I turned our all right.this business of being a childs friend instead of parent does not cut it.Of corse it was a different time and place.(the 50's)
I would have followed the same path if I could of had children.That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Big time hugs and God's blessing headed your way.

Heather said...

Aahh, those blissful days when you know everything - pre-children! Those are the days!! I'm just glad you have it written down for when she says, "I never said that!" Thanks for a fun laugh.