Friday, June 27, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Know You're Hooked

I think there comes a time for most bloggers when we realize we are hooked on blogging. That’s it’s not just some little dalliance we can walk away from at any time despite our best efforts to pretend that it’s just a casual relationship, that the need for posting and affirmation from our blog buddies is an important part of our day. Perhaps it’s the day we notice our mood is based on the number of comments left on a post (27 comments? Oh, you love me. You really, really love me!) Or it dawns on you that your last three conversations with your brother were in your comments sections. Whatever the reason, there is a moment when you know that you are hooked. AND that those around you who don’t blog, don’t understand. If by some small chance you haven’t had that breakthrough moment, here area few clues to watch for. Brothers and sisters, I give you the top ten ways to tell if you’re addicted to blogging. (Insert music by the Paul Schaffer band here.)

10. A family member trips or does something horribly embarrassing and you can’t wait to get home and post about it.
9. A blog friend fails to post for a few days and you begin to get nervous that something bad has happened. You wonder if you should ship a broccoli casserole to his house in California.
8. You think the woman sitting next to you at a charity luncheon looks like boomama.
7. A friend needs advice on bra shopping and you say, “I know, we’ll ask Tootsie Farklepants!”…and your friend gives you that what the smell are you talking about look.
6. A friend asks if you want to grab a meal after work, and you say you can’t because you really want to get home and check your comments.
5. You see a traffic sign that would make a really funny post, and you curse yourself for not having your camera. In fact, you make a note to carry a disposable camera for just such emergencies.
4. You wonder if the steak you’re eating came from the Pioneer Woman’s ranch…which also makes you wonder who won today’s “Name That Photo” contest.
3. Your family asks what you want for Christmas and you tell them you want the Pioneer Woman’s PhotoShop Elements.
2. You see a friend you haven’t seen in months and realize you’re all caught up on each other’s lives because you’ve been reading each other’s blogs.
1. And finally….you reconsider whether or not that vacation will be worth it because you’ll be away from the internet for a WHOLE WEEK!


Anonymous said...

I love the reverse top ten list!!and yes I'm guilty of some of these thing.I'm just not saying which one!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Big Time Hugs and God's blessings to your house from my house.

karisma said...

Ha ha! So true! My hubby makes a point of warning people that I blog! These days I have to be sneaky if I want to catch them in the act!

And hey I totally solved the camera problem, I was always cursing the fact that I had left my camera at home because its too heavy to cart around. Recently, I got one of those tiny little ones that fit in your hand. It stays in my hand bag all the time! Now I am totally blog prepared! Everything is a possible blog entry.

Mia said...

Need I go on?
But I love it don't you?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh my Bob this is so true. Hee hee.

grace said...

ha! ha! I love that post,that is so true, I am always sitting there waiting to see if any of my workmates will make it to my blog, I think they know so they are on their best behavior

oreneta said...

OK, you have clearly got me pegged..Hello, my name is Oreneta and I am a blogger...h.o.o.k.e.d. hooked.

janjanmom said...

Guilty Guilty Guilty

9 counts of blogitis(I don't have brothers and if my siblings read, they don't comment.)

When one of my children does something weird or silly, they immediately say-Mom, please don't blog this!! Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I don't.


Amy said...

It is torture to be away for even a day and feel like you are out of the "blogging loop." :)

And you're right, you must take a camera with you everywhere you go....And now when something bad happens, it immediately becomes funny to me, because I know it will make for a great blog post.:)

Just another blog addict,

Jason said...

Too true. And I so appreciate the casserole thought. Thank you.