Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun Monday-High Times

The lovely Mariposa is this week's hostess, again. God Bless her for doing it more than once this year. She wants to hear about those high moments of our life, specifically:

If you could share with us 3-5 high moments in your lives...this could be funny moments...the you can't believe you did it moments...the "I told you so" moments...or the times we asked the ground to go open and eat us moments! You need not write a book to explain them, the highlights will do.

When I think about the times in my life that have given me a natural "high" I tend to think about those monumental life changing moments, such as marriage and childbirth, but I don't think that's what she's looking for. I think she wants to hear something a little more interesting, something a little more revealing about us. So I've chosen some times that aren't necessarily the most important or the biggest, but they were certainly unforgettable, and each came with a very important lesson.

1. Age 12-Deciding that riding down a really tall gravel covered hill on my bicycle was the quickest way home and realizing within the first ten feet that it was a mistake. My feet flew off the pedals, I crashed and burned and had scabbed over knees for nearly the entire summer. Lesson- The shortest path is not always the best path to take, and sometimes the road that looks the easiest, isn't.

2. Age 16-Insisting on driving my little Chevette "to town" on an icy Friday night not fit for man or beast because I was afraid I'd miss some teenage excitement despite my dad's warnings that I needed to stay home. I slid right into the ditch as I left the driveway and had to walk back to the house and ask him to pull me out of the ditch. Lesson-Sometimes you should just shut up and listen.

3. Age 7-Jumping on the bed so high that I bounced off and hit the wall with my head, practically knocking myself out. Lesson-Too much of a good thing can be bad.

4. Age 38-Trying to add water to the water bed when the hose popped off the nozzle and started dancing around the bedroom, spraying water all over the place. Neat freak Hubby found me sitting in the floor laughing hysterically with water dripping from the ceiling. Lesson-Sh*t happens, and life is messy. Laughter helps you to get through it.

5. Age 41-Wiping out at the bottom of a water slide, wiping the water out of my eyes and realizing that I was standing in front of roughly sixty people with my swimsuit top wrapped around my waist and the girls hanging out. Lesson-Sometimes you're left standing naked in the middle of the field, and you just have to yank up your pride- er straps-and mooooove on.


Pamela said...


I did the same thing when I was about 30. At a waterslide in california.

You were (and still are?) an adventure !!! ha ha. I enjoyed.

Mariposa said... are so funny!

Love how you present your list...and I'm LOL thinking Pam's post too!

You did an amazing job with the lessons, my fave is --Sh*t happens, and life is messy. Laughter helps you to get through it. How true!

Happy Fun Monday...

IamwhoIam said...

Oh I can relate to too many of your lessons in one way or another

But I was trying to drain the water bed.

oreneta said...

Hula, BRILLiant post...I really needed the laugh and the lessons this morning...Thanks.

Hootin' Anni said...

I LOVE! #4!!!!! Sorry, that's just a funny picture in my head as I read it. Sounds like something that would have happened to me. Seriously.

And #1 is truly a lesson for us matter what situation in life. The shorter road is not always the right route.

Happy Monday.

Mine's posted, but you'll need to scroll down beyond my Ranch Hand Breakfast photos I posted this morning on my blog to read some of my 'memories'.

Amy said...

This was great, Hula! All great lessons, indeed.

And #5 made me laugh out loud! Bless your heart.;)

God bless the "girls." Amen?;)

m (the misanthrope) said...

Hahahahaaaaaaaa!! Brilliant moments and terrific lessons!

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh. Lord. That's always been a fear of mine.

The waterbed mishap is classic. I would've either laughed or cried and laughing is always the better choice!

Faye said...

Love your lessons learned at these different stages in life. And oh that helpless feeling of heading down a hill on your bike and knowing what is just bound to happen!

Just noticed that we're both Kentuckians--howdy neighbor.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I also had a swim suit issue. I was in Hawaii, jumping through the rolling waves and a BIG wave came in. I got tossed around (I now know what it's like to be in a washing machine...). I stood up--coughing up half the ocean--and noticed that my girls were there for the entire beach to see.

I loved your post!!

Trailboss said...

OMG, last one was too funny. I bet I know where it happened too. Somewhere near Eddyville? lol No, I wasn't there though.

{i}Post said...

OMG! Hysterical! I did the booby thing at the ocean once with a massive wave! No fun for sure!

Janis said...

What life lessons you have learned. the last one being sooo funny. That one was most likely the one where you wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole.

Karmyn R said...

ha!!!! Thanks for the laughter at your "high" moments. I could have chosen similar events with the bicycle!

karisma said...

Haha! Now that was entertaining! (The waterslide bit anyway! LOL) You remind me of a couple of incidents swinging upside down as a child. Once at school I was swinging on a bench and somehow landed in the gravel on my face. I ended up with a nose full of gravel! Ouch! Another time I was hanging upside down from my top bunk and landed on my head! I remember that one, I nearly broke my neck, the angels must have been watching as I did not, but god it hurt! (I have hated bunk beds ever since)

Lesson? Keep falling on your head, eventually you get numb!

Sayre said...

Those are hilarious!!! I like the "lessons" you learned from your high moments.

ChrisB said...

These are brilliant and hindsight makes for great lessons. I think I would have died on the spot if the last one had happened to me LOL