Saturday, May 16, 2009

Declaration of Insolence

Whereas Memorial Day is just around the corner and is the official beginning of summer.

Whereas it took three of us to pull the cover off of the pool last night.

And whereas the cover was caked with slimy gunk and winter debris melted together by recent downpours.

Whereas the cover was so heavy Hubby had to crawl into the cold water to get it out.

Whereas much crankiness ensued.
Whereas we dropped the end of the cover as we pulled it out, splattering stinky, sticky gunk all over our faces resulting in a nice poo sandwich for dinner.

And more crankiness ensued.

Whereas the gunk also splattered all over the rest of our bodies making us stink and itch and staining my lovely lime green Hilton Head T-shirt.

Whereas the nastiness dirtied up the pool that was pretty sparkling clean when we first peeled back the cover.
And whereas this is the eleventh year we have made such a mess.

I hearby declare on this sixtheenth day of May in the year of our Lord 2009--the Hula-gen's will pay next year for someone else to remove the cover, even if we have to eat macaroni and cheese for a week to afford it. Because macaroni and cheese is much better than a poo sandwich.


Mike Golch said...

Works for me! I hope that you have a great weekend,my friend!

Janis said...

Been there done that..pools are a lot of work.. it will be worth your sanity next year to pay someone. I can just picture the gunk splashing all over you.. icky goey!

oreneta said...

There is no doubt in my mind that mac and cheese is better than a poo sandwich. Every single day of the week. Toss in a cold wade in a pool...ugh.

Jason, as himself said...

Ew, I hate poo sandwiches.

Could you clean the cover off before you remove it?

Trailboss said...

Yes, mac and cheese is much better than a poo sandwich. Our kids have said several times that they wished we would get a pool. We do have the perfect yard for it but Joe and I just don't want to mess w/it. We do however still love the kiddie pools in July and August. Sometimes we even let Abby get in.

The Church Lady said...

Yes, but the end result is a nice relaxing swim to cool off on a hot, sultry summer day!

dkuroiwa said...

After 11 years of this, why hasn't someone thought to video tape know...for prosperity? or at least for the laughs YOU KNOW we'd get out of the whole process!
Come year...just for it again...with video footage, please!!!

(oh great! now i'm craving mac&cheese! and can we get that here? noOOooo!)

J.G. said...

Totally agree. This is one reason I have never been interested in a pool I have to maintain myself. I say, put the reminder on the calendar right this minute.