Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Friend Debbie in Japan is Going to Love This

That was my first thought when I sat down at my favorite bakery last Friday for lunch. You see, Debbie does this thing called Flamingo Friday over at her blog, where she shows us all kinds of flamingo themed items. It warms the cockles of Caribbean souls like me. And when I peeked in the cookie case of the bakery I found something most appropriate for Flamingo Friday:Flamingo shaped cookies..and they were shortbread to boot. Yum, yum.By the way, if you ever figure out the identify of the wonderful person who discovered that mixing copious amounts of butter with sugar is a good thing, let me know. I want to nominate them for a Nobel Peace Prize because eating shortbread in the shape of my favorite bird makes me mighty peaceful.


Mike Golch said...

you better watch it or I'll reach into the computer and swipe one of those cookies!

Janis said...

How cute, sinfully delicious!!! as I wipe the drool from my mouth!

dkuroiwa said...

OH MY GOODNESS GREAT BALLS O'FIRE!!! I'm not EVEN going to ask, I'm just going to take those pictures and post them this afternoon....with some "linky love" coming your way!!!
(seriously....if you could just see me, well, that would be too cool 'cause that would mean that you are here or i am there, but...I am so totally just grinning like a goofball here!!!)
When I'm in the States in July, I may be making a "please send me a flamingo cookie!!" request!!!

I love ya more than my luggage, honey!! You have made my "Flamingo Friday" just a little bit better!!!!

Lew Jetton said...

Hot Damn! I LOVE pink flamingos!