Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not that anyone asked me but......

-John and Kate? Don’t know ‘em. Never watched ‘em. Can’t believe they’re shocked that selling their souls to the reality TV devils led to fame and the demise of their privacy and their marriage. Mostly, I’m just sad for their children. And annoyed that TLC doesn’t have the decency to pull the plug on that train wreck.
-Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael. What a mess. When someone dies, most families will fight about who gets the money no matter if there’s a fortune or just a nickel left. The fallout has just begun in his circle. The guy obviously had problems, and I could go on and on about this topic, but mostly I’m just sad for his children.
-I can think of no celebrity that I would stand in the street and cry over if he died. What’s up with that?
-I’m constantly amazed at how our society builds people into mega-celebrities, pushing them into a vice filled isolated existence and when they die too early because of the stress of it all, we act surprised. What is WRONG with us?
-A long time ago, in a land far, far away, I could moonwalk. While watching some MTV videos the other day, I tried some of my old Thriller moves when nobody was looking and thought I popped my hip out of joint. Don’t tell anybody.
-Note to self: Spending all day at an amusement/water park with a group of small children should be done near the END of the work week, not on a Monday because no amount of sleep on the three hour bus ride home prepares you for work on Tuesday morning.
-The heat index around here last week and the week before was around 105 each day. It was hotter than Guam. I ran at eight o’clock at night instead of during the day, and it was still unbearable. I have never been sweatier in my entire life, but I’m not complaining because I made a deal with God during the ice storm that I wouldn’t gripe about the heat and humidity this summer if he would just make the ice and cold go away. Boy, did He.
-The most interesting news at our family reunion this past weekend? My 70-something aunt is on Facebook. She confirmed me as a friend this morning, and I suddenly remembered I’ll have to explain those pictures with the flamingos on my head.
-We’ll plead the 5th if a certain cousin of Teen Angel’s starts sticking out his tongue soon.
-Teen Angel and I practically tripped over each other Sunday when the ice cream man came rolling through our subdivision. I would have snapped a better picture, but I was too busy making sure I got a strawberry shortcake bar before reaching for my camera. On a positive note, I set a new world record for dashing out of the pool and grabbing a towel.
-Last night we got the first rain we’ve had in days. It lasted about thirty seconds and blew through so fast the sun didn’t have a chance to disappear. It left us with a marvelous rainbow, the most vivid I’ve ever seen. This picture doesn’t do it justice because it literally faded in a matter of seconds right before our eyes and had already lost part of its color by the time I took this picture. It was so cool I didn't care that our neighbor drove by while I was standing in the intersection in my ratty old blue pajamas.


Rink's Ramblings said...

Welcome to my world of running. We went out at 6:30 tonight right after a rain shower... 82 degrees... 78 percent humidity... dewpoint 75. It was actually the coolest run I've been out on in the last three weeks!

Jan said...

This is a great post. Lots of fun. I'm totally with you on the celebrity thing. I think most of those so enamored, really need a life of their own.

karisma said...

Thats my girl! Welcome back to the land of the "crazy ones". Extra big hugs for you today! Mwah (yep and smoochies too).

Janis said...

I am on the same page with you as far as Celebs go, its the price you pay for fame. I have to admit, I watch n listen to the gossip about them, but have very little sympathy except for the children involved. We are lucky to be in an area of the country that is having cooler n wetter weather. Usually this time of year we are wilting from the heat and our lawns n flowers are drying up, I am enjoying every moment of it.

Mia said...

Facebook is hilarious in the fact that EVERY age is represented!

Gin said...

Awesome post. It made me laugh. Loved the pictures too. The fact that your 70 year-old Aunt is on Facebook - PRICELESS!

Cruise Mom said...

You may send the heat up this way, with dry air please:)