Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sometimes You Can't See the Forest for the Trees

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been plagued by chigger and mosquito bites on my ankles. Get it-plagued? Ha! I slay myself. Anyway, my legs look like a toddler’s. I’d show you, but some of you probably don’t enjoy seeing pus. I couldn’t figure out where I got all of those bites and then while I was going through some recent pictures I’d taken, I suddenly smacked my head and said doy! It appears I’ve been standing in ditches. A lot of ditches. Apparently, I’m going to have to either break a bad habit or pack insect repellent in my camera bag.


J.G. said...

Or get some hip waders.

(I'm all about alternatives!)

Janis said...

Boy! the price we pay for a good photo. Hope you get some relief soon, and BWY I loved the photos.
Have a happy 4th!

Gin said...

I enjoy the pics too much for you to stop. I vote for insect repellant!

The Church Lady said...

Ah, what we won't do to get that perfect photo! They are all great! The bug bites are abundant here in PA too this summer. Must be the cool, wet weather.

A New England Life said...

Those trees do tend to get in the way, don't they?

What's with all the ditch's anyway? At least they aren't gutters. lol!

Your legs can't look much worse than my 15 year olds who won't stop picking the scabs. Argghhhhh!!!!

Swampy said...

Chiggers? Did someone mention chiggers?
As you know, we went to Nashville and I, too, was outside snapping photographs. About 12 hours later, my whole body began to itch but I didn't see any bites. About 2 hours after that, little red dots appeared and grew into big red dots. I counted them: TWENTY NINE ! There was even one in my belly button.
It's been years since I had chigger bites. That was 2 weeks ago and they still itch.
I think Tennessee should be named: "Chigger State."

Not sure what road we took to Nashville, but I'll get the map and look. We went through Memphis and was on that four lane with all the 18 wheelers on the face of the Planet.