Friday, July 10, 2009

Not That Anyone Asked...But

-After months of fighting with his gall bladder, daddy surrendered his belly to the surgeon this morning and finally had his gall bladder taken out. The value of Tums and Rolaids stock is likely to drop with news that their business will drop off about 30% since daddy won’t be chewing those tablets like Chiclets anymore.
-I am amused by hospital patients in their gowns who drag their IV and wheelchair outside past the no smoking zone to smoke a cigarette.
-I learned today I shouldn’t go to the farmer’s market before work because I polished off most of my newly purchased cherry tomatoes by 9am while sitting at my desk. So much for tomatoes with dinner.
-A fellow I worked with in radio many years ago shot and killed himself this week. He was one of the funniest people I ever knew and was an absolute joy to work with. It makes me sad, and I can’t believe I’ve been touched by suicide a second time this year. We just never know what’s going on in the hearts of others, do we?
-My husband and child left at 5 o’clock this morning for King’s Island in Cincinnati with the church youth group. I rolled out of bed at 4:30 to drive them to the church. I drove there in my pajamas and was glad I didn’t get pulled over. Great Gertie, I’m cranky at 4:30am!
-I’ve made this church trip many times, and I usually end up riding all kinds of scary stuff that eventually makes me puke, so I opted to stay home for Mama J. and Papa T. duty. The beauty shop and Cracker Barrel, here we come!
-I don’t care where Michael Jackson’s body is now. I don’t care where he’s buried. The media can move on to more important issues as far as I’m concerned. However, I will admit I am curious how much that gold casket cost. My Aunt Mabel, who was a funeral connoisseur and took great stock in the quality of a casket, would have been very impressed with the Jackson family’s selection.
-Hey, Sarah Palin! Quit wearing makeup when you go fishing. It makes you look vain and ridiculous. And please, quit pretending like you don’t know what your immediate plans are.
-Did you hear the one about the guy who posted a song on YouTube about United Airlines breaking his guitar? It’s hilarious. If you need laugh, check, check, check it out.


Mike Golch said...

Glad the surgery went is amazing how addicted some is that they go outside with IV poles just to inhale a coffin nail.
Sorry to hear of your friends susicide. Big hug my far this month July has been a thorn in my side.

Janis said...

Every now n then we have to just did a good job. I am on the same page with you about MJ, its a media circus. Enjoy your weekend.

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Okay that was probably one of best blog post I have read in a while. I never thought about Sara and makeup. Yes I agree only she knows what is going on...

Jan said...

Great post. I agree re: Palin. Yuck. Love the video, I'm going to post it, too.

BTW. Love the new header.

Gin said...

I am glad your Dad is doing okay. Surgery can be tough! I am so sorry to hear about your friend. It is hard to lose someone so unexpectedly. Hang in there!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

You realize that when the first tomato is picked from our bounty I'm dedicating it to you! : )

Trailboss said...

I am sorry to hear of your friend. Suicide is a very sad thing. Glad the surgery went well though. My dad ate tums like popcorn. He carried them around everywhere and he always seems to wear a little on the side of his mouth. As far as Palin........gag a maggot. I am so sick of her and her family and her weirdo husband Todd I could just spit! I have never ever known anyone to put so many words into one sentence and still not understand what the hell she said before in my life!

dkuroiwa said...

bing cherries...cherry tomatoes...neither one last very long within my reach.
hope your daddy is doing good and his recovery is quick...for all your sakes!
i'm so sorry about your friend...
and yeah...i don't care either about MJ. i'm over all that hoopla..was many years ago.

and thanks for that update on we are flying them on thursday, i'll make sure not to pack anything breakable..especially not my guitar! funny stuff!

have a great week, hula my luv...oh...btw...i have that picture on your header on a it!!