Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back from the Beach

We're back!!! We made it home safe and sound and in one piece. We had a grand time, and I have plenty of pictures to share. No time to post them all today because we had to hit the ground running when we arrived yesterday afternoon. The contractor needs item numbers for counter tops and tile and 1600 other things, and Mama J. is on the pot trying to pass a kidney stone. (Don't tell you I told you though. She'd have a conniption fit.)

There was dancing and singing (at Cincy, not in Mama J.'s bathroom-although that will likely come when the darn thing passes) and plenty of Parrot Head antics that made us laugh until our sides hurt. I'll leave you with a wee sample of the pictures to come. Suffice to say, Parrot Heads know how to have a good time. Proof We are the People our Parents Warned us About.


Janis said...

Looks like a partying bunch. Cant wait to see more.

J.G. said...

So glad it was fun. Hang onto those memories now that you are back to reality!

oreneta said...

Sounds like an absolute HOWL!!!

janjanmom said...

THE PARTY IS NEVER OVER!! HOWEVER, sometimes you have to get your butt in the kitchen and cook!

Good seeing you and Erika loved your flamingo tank!