Monday, August 31, 2009

The Thing That Keeps Me Awake At Night

I love color. I love paint. I just don’t like picking paint colors. It terrifies me to spend a lot of money on paint and then put it on the wall only to find that it’s not the right color. Then I have to live with butt ugly walls until I can afford to paint again. I will labor over a paint choice longer than Palestine and Israel will argue over peace. Ask me to pick a rug. No problem. Done. A new sink? Easy. How about tile? Easy cheesy. Paint? I’d rather you poke toothpicks under my fingernails.

The problem is there are too many choices. For days, I’ve agonized and fantasized about different colors. I know I want light. I know I want warm. I just don’t know how warm or how bright. I’ve narrowed it down to various shades of yellow, green, red and blue. In other words, half the spectrum. Hubby would be happy if we painted everything white. That would satisfy his sense of order and symmetry. I hate white walls. For the first fifteen years of our marriage we had white walls. I finally successfully integrated some beige and yellow into our home four years ago, and I refuse to go back.

See these cans?

These are all of the quart samples I’ve tried so far. The helpful Sherwin-Williams clerk, Jason, and I are on a first name basis. And when another clerk pulled my account up the other day for yet ANOTHER sample purchase, he said, “You sure are doin’ a LOT of samplin’ mam”. Well, yes I am hot young man in white pants. Thank you for noticing and please carry this box of cans to the car.

I’ve rolled samples on every wall, and every night I stand in front of them and hold the same deliberations in my head.

Jersey Cream or Cottage Cream? Jersey Cream or Cottage Cream?

In the master bathroom, I THINK it’s Aqua-Sphere and not Tranquil Aqua. But I'm not sure.It definitely needs to match the tile and this print.
Because…well, because that tile is staying and I want to hang that print over the tub.

I want the guest bathroom to be red…really red. I just don’t know if it should be Salute or Show Stopper. Both of them made me look as if I had cut off my fingers and was bleeding to death while painting the other night.

The dining room will be the green I picture in my head but just haven’t found in a can yet.
And the spare bedroom will be leftover blue or green from the bathroom or dining room. But I don’t know which one!
The most torturous decision of all involves the kitchen and living room. I want gold in there. I’ve tried Humble Gold and White Raisin, but neither one seems quite right. Help is on the way, though. Hubby called me this morning while sitting in the waiting room of the audiologist with Papa T. to tell me, “Hey, Doctor Tony’s walls are the color of gold you’re looking for. I got the paint mix from the lady who works here. You might want to stop by and look at it. Oh, and check out the glossy white on his baseboards. I think you’re gonna like it.”

So tomorrow my friends, I’m going to Dr. Tony’s to ogle his baseboards. And hopefully, the color will be something I can ask for at Sherwin-Williams and get that nice young man with the big biceps to load up in my car. Wouldn’t that be dreamy?


Jason, as himself said...

Are you remodeling your entire house all at once? It looks like it! Maybe if you took it more slowly you wouldn't be so overwhelmed with so many choices. Just today I was agonizing between two shades of white for the moulding we just installed...Snow White or White Storm...

Anonymous said...

Hi. Here are some of the best 'paint choosing lessons' I have learned over the years while renovating our 1918 built home:
1. If you like a paint in a friend's home, or a dr's office, still be sure to get a sample and try in in your own may look completely different, due to light source variations.
2. When trying paint samples, rather than painting them on a wall, paint them on a large piece of bristol board. Move them around the room to see how the light reflects off of the color and changes the color in various places and times throughout the day.
3. Always, always, choose your room/upholstery/curtain fabrics first and THEN choose your paint colors....It is very difficult to match fabric to paint. Paint comes in millions of colors and can always be matched to fabric, but it is difficult to find fabric to match your paint. Also .....
Fabrics are designed by professionals...they know what colors go together, compliment each other etc. Find a fabric and then let it dictate what colors of paint you choose. You will get a more professional look this way.
4. Work on having a color or a couple of colors repeating throughout your entire If you paint your dining room a deep red, have some deep red cushions in your beige living room and perhaps some red dishes in your white kitchen.etc....try to have a color that flows throughout the house and unites all the rooms. Work not to have each room a different color that doesn't relate to any other room.
5. A lighter blue is often better in a bathroom, rather than a darker's more peaceful and doesn't absorb as much light (easier for make-up application etc.)..It also makes your skin not look so pale!
6. When trying paint samples, it is important to try to block out other colors that will influence them. For example, when I was choosing a gold for one of my rooms and I painted one wall gold and left the other 3 walls blue...the gold appeared 'school bus' orange until all the blue walls were painted....colors reflect light and truly influence/compete with each other...truly tricking the eye.
7. When painting a dark color, such as red..3-4 coats of paint are a must to get a rich intense look. This many coats really does make a difference.
8. Be sure to get your primer tinted. Using a primer under your new paint color really gives a nicer finish in the end....Most paint stores would rather sell you more paint to make more money...primers are cheaper than paint! ... and act as a great base coat.
9. Remember, it is just paint!!!! In the whole scheme of life, it's really not THAT important.
I am looking forward to your 'after' pictures! Good luck!
(Oh yes, and one more thing...I usually have a good cry once I have changed the color in a room, and then once I get it decorated with the furniture, and accessories, I always like my choices....change is difficult!! but oh so rejuvenating.) Have fun. Good luck!

Susan DeAngelis said...

You're talking to the wrong person -- i have trouble picking out the color of a balloon -- forget something permanent.

I hired a painter, about 7 years ago, to paint the entire place. And picked 4 different colors that wound up all looking the same -- brown. Argh...

Much luck,

J.G. said...

Not sure I could resist a color called White Raisin, based on the name alone.

I don't envy you but have confidence you will choose wisely.

Thena said...

We painted our entire house two years ago when we bought it. And I have HATED the color of the living room and dining room ever since. After getting done it looked like one big wall of make-up foundation. So take all the time you need. Because now I have begun re-painting. But I have to agree also with another comment, one room at a time. Seems it would be much easier.

The Girl Next Door said...

Wow I am so happy to know that I am not alone. But I choose 1 color and do the entire house in it. Egad what a nightmare that is when you pick smurf blue instead of the sky blue you thought for sure you had....

Bro. Dave said...

We paint at every parsonage we move to, despite conference policies that recommend "neutrals" -- how boring! You should have seen my Margaritaville room at the last house!

My father-in-law once accused me of choosing paint colors based on my favorite restaurants. Not true! I choose my favorite restaurants based on paint colors! ;-)

Good luck!

Gin said...

You are preaching to the choir. Every house that we have moved in to I have had the same problem. Good luck with that! Ha, ha!

Swampy said...

Mix them all together and paint your walls.

Janis said...

I feel your pain, we went through the same thing 3 yrs ago. I am not a bold color person (too chicken) we stayed pretty nuetral throughout, with pastels. Very careful to have the color of the rooms flow througout. Listen to Anonymous, very good advice. Good Luck. Now go over visit your little Hottie oops, I mean nice paint guy and he can help you some more.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee the advice from anonymous...I am going to copy/paste that to myself in an email.

I am ashamed to say how long (think years --- hanging my head in shame) that we started a bedroom and have yet to finish it. Gulp. Sad isn't it? All over P.A.I.N.T.

oreneta said...

I hope I am not too late, if you are painting to sell, my agent says Neutrals and nothing else....if you are painting for yourself however anything goes!

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