Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wheels Up!

Stop the world. Let me off. It’s moving too fast. In fact, it’s leaving me behind. Because…well, see this little stinker who was roaming the pumpkin patch just last week….

She must have kissed a frog because she turned into a princess overnight.
A princess in Chuck Taylor high tops and jeans. And now she’s done gone and gotten her driver’s license. After six months of logging practice hours and causing my backside to pucker and my hands to grip the dash, she took the test. THE test. TODAY. And passed.

This was one of the biggest days of her life. And it’s one of the biggest days of mine because now I have to turn loose of this death grip I have on her leg and let her go out into the dangerous world of driving where people go too fast and run over you. Gulp. I’m terrified.

Seriously, this is scarier than the Big Ass Chair.


Trailboss said...

I feel your pain girl. Funny thing though. Just this evening at dinner Joe and I were talking to Steph about getting her permit and she will be 18 in October. I still don't get why she doesn't want to. I proposed a plan and she seemed to like it so we shall see. Meanwhile hang on to your heart (and patience). You have raised a fine young lady and she seems very responsible. She will be fine.

A New England Life said...

Scary stuff I tell ya! They grow like weeds don't they? Your daughter is so darned cute though. She's just thrilled with her accomplishment, as she should be. Freedom!

My 16 year old is almost through with Drivers Ed but she still has over 30 hours of driving time to complete with us. Believe me, she needs it! Driving does not come natural to this girl at all!

Jan n Jer said...

Congratulations to Teen Angel, I am sure she will be a responsible driver. Hula...your life as you know it has changed forever!

The Church Lady said...

I'm sure she is thrilled! I am not quite there yet, but my days with my two girls are coming. I have 3 years until my oldest turns 16. Ugh.

J.G. said...

Man, this takes me back! We try to raise our kids to be responsible and independent, and then when they grow up that way, it's like "Wait, not yet."

Mia said...

Okay lets look at this logically...once you get over the continued butt puckering everytime the phone rings when she is out then there are some fringe benefits! Wait for it....yep,hey Teen Angel can you run to the store for me,hey Teen Angel your Dad needs you to run some errands (that I just don't wanna do)or Teen Angel can you take Mama J and Papa T to the Cracker Barrel? See?
She will be just fine she's is an outstanding young lady!

Gin said...

Oh boy! Ready or not, here you go!