Friday, August 14, 2009

Freeze Frames

Parrot Heads come in all shapes and sizes and in all ages. I’ve seen people in their 70’s at a Jimmy Buffet concert and kids as young as four. (I would never bring a child. There’s just a little too much flashing and partying going on.) There are bankers, lawyers, nurses and laborers. You name it, it’s there. One thing’s for sure. It’s a people watchin’, picture takin’ paradise, and Parrot Heads don’t mind having their picture taken. All you have to do is say, “Freeze”, and they will stop and pose. See?

They don’t mind to dance for you either.
This is actually a hat.
So is this.
If you look closely enough you’ll see the volcano beginning to blow.
Ever seen a land shark?
I have.

And in this internet picture posting world where things are cached forever I’ve decided it’s good to be the one BEHIND the camera.


Mike Golch said...

Great photos.the title of the posting caused the J Giles Band song "Freeze Frame" to started running in my I posted the song.

oreneta said...

Gonna have to go one day!