Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to Reality

Wow. 5:30 came awfully early this morning, and that big fat pile of work I left on my desk last week did not magically disappear while I was gone. I did not win the lottery either, so I was back at work today and trying my best to get back into the groove. I have to admit it was painful, especially when Hubby called to tell me the microwave that was delivered to the new house this morning had a big dent in the top. Sigh. Back to reality.

I have vacation pictures to share but first a few shout-outs:

-To the tile layers who did not finish their work by 3pm as promised forcing us to leave for vacation two and a half hours later than planned-you did not ruin my vacation.
-To the suitcase that lost a wheel as I dragged it to the bathroom scales to weigh it, forcing me to unload it and repack the 43 pounds of contents in ANOTHER suitcase when I was already two and a half hours late-you did not ruin my vacation.
-To Moo Moo Bossy the Cow who sat behind me on the airplane and kept tapping me on the shoulder before take-off, incessantly hounding me to make Teen Angel and BFF put their carry-ons in the overhead storage bin “right now you must do it right now even though the aisle is full they can’t leave them on the floor like that it’s against the rules stand up and take control of the situation RIGHT NOW”-you did not ruin my vacation. And I apologize for gritting my teeth, using my mean voice and telling you that, “I have the situation under control THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I WILL take care of it when everyone SITS DOWN.” Oh, and take a Xanex before you fly next time. I’m not one to recommend mood altering medication, but you really need it.
-To the lady who took my sandwich order this past Saturday and was obviously not happy with her position at the Fort Walton Beach Airport Quiznos-you did not ruin my vacation.
-To “Bitterman” aka “Gerald”, our prearranged shuttle driver who picked us up at the airport on day 1 with his jaunty hat and sign with our name on it-you made our vacation.
-To Amy, Bambi and all of the other “Bitterman’s” with the Emerald Cab Company who shuttled us all over Destin-you made our vacation.
-To the staff at The Lighthouse Restaurant who twice prepared for us fabulous seafood and prime rib and a delightful champagne cocktail-you made our vacation.
-To the server at Dewey Destin’s who recommended those yummy Red Rock shrimp-you made our vacation.
-To Jason at Extreme H2O Watersports who made our jet skiing outing a delight-you made our vacation.
-To the shuttle driver at the fancy schmancy gated community where we went shopping who did not kick us off the shuttle “for resort customers only” when he discovered that we had climbed aboard because we thought it was public transportation-you made our vacation. As did the other shuttle driver who never said a word when we called from the Hilton for the return ride, acting as if we were Hilton residents.
-And to my family for not whining when they had to pull me away from the beach at the end of each and every day for dinner-you made my vacation.

PS-Let me apologize for all of the sunset pictures. I just couldn’t help myself.


Thena said...

That was very cool that you didn't let certain people and circumstances ruin your vacation. I love the pics.

Cole said...

We named him biddemen( no r)...rolls off the tongue nicer =D

The Church Lady said...

Welcome back to reality. Sounds like you had a nice time.

oreneta said...

Oooohhhhhm I so want to gooooooooooo

J.G. said...

So glad you kept your sense of humor and your wits about you (not to mention your Mean Voice).

Bore me with sunsets anytime. I kind of like it. :-)

Janis said...

So a rough start turned into smooth sailing...Yay! Beautiful photos. Welcome back to reality uggh!