Thursday, October 1, 2009


While waddling around the BBQ Festival last weekend, we stumbled into my favorite ice cream shop. It will close soon for the winter season, leaving us to wait until spring for their reopening and a tasty scoop of their peach ice cream. There’s something charming about a business that does things the old fashioned way, like shut down for winter. In fact, the whole darn place is pretty charming. I can sit there all day soaking up the atmosphere and savoring a sugar cone filled with any one of their flavors.

I love the long counter.

And the tin ceiling with pendant lights.
There are the old milk bottles on the top shelf.
Have I mentioned that my great grandpa used to deliver milk to people’s homes?

I like the old fashioned d├ęcor.
And I really like the nice people who work there.
This guy is married to a woman who used to run around with Hubby in his teenaged years. He knows some dirt on Hubby and likes to share it. He’s fun that way.

Best of all, I like the ice cream. All homemade and delicious.
My flavor pick on this day? Cherries and cream.
When it comes to ice cream I can usually take it or leave it, but this place has me wrapped around their udder.


oreneta said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Must be super exciting when they open again in the spring.

karisma said...

WOT? WOT? No ice cream in winter???? What is wrong with you peoples? We eat it all year! LOL

Janis said...

Sounds so charming...we used to have a place like that here in was only opened during the summer months also. All homemade ice cream and the decor took you back to the 5o's. Sadly they closed their doors forever last is now a pizza placed.

Trailboss said...

I am ashamed to admit that I have never even been in there. I am assuming this is the one across the parking lot downtown at 2nd and B-day. I need to scat down there and gobble up some goodness.

Gin said...

Why do you keep doing this to me??? Now I am hungry AGAIN!!! Ha, ha! I love places like that!

Cruise Mom said...

Remind me not to visit your blog when I'm hungry! I LOVE ice cream, I'll have to be sure to check that place out next time I visit the family.