Friday, October 2, 2009

The Inner Sanctum

Since my last three posts have been about food, I thought I should move onto a different topic, lest you think I’ve developed a tapeworm. Today we’re going to delve into remodeling or as I like to call it, Hula Plucks Herself Bald. We are currently on Week 10, yes 10, of this project. I know this by counting the winkles on my forehead.

We’re far enough along that real progress is being made. In fact, we hope to have all of the big stuff done and the house emptied of workers by the time we leave for vacation next Friday. And I am dropping to my knees in prayer as I say that. If all goes well, we could have the appliances delivered on the 19th, but let’s not talk about it ‘cause that tends to jinx things. (I know, Mia-two weeks, right?) Everything takes “two weeks”.

I should start by explaining why we decided to do so much work on the house. After all, it’s fairly new and is a fine home. However, there were some basic things that HAD to be done such as painting and replacing all of the dirty worn out carpeting. There were also some important roofing, window and exterior door repairs. We knew we could live in the home only if it looked somewhat different than it did when Sissy lived there. We wanted it to be lighter and brighter, so that called for some cosmetic changes. We also wanted it to have certain amenities since we hope to live the rest of our lives in that house. In other words, we wanted it to include the items we’ve always dreamed about and to be accessible in our old age. That amounted to quite a bit of work that we believe will make us comfortable there and significantly increases the value of the home. If we survive the remodeling.

Things are starting to look noticeably different around the house, but there is too much to cover in one post, so I thought we’d focus only on one room today, the master bathroom. It’s one of the rooms I’m most excited about. But before we get knee deep into that, can I just get one teeny tiny thing off my chest? GREAT GERTIE HAVE YOU PRICED AREA RUGS LATELY AND WHO CAN AFFORD THOSE THINGS?!!!!! Okay, back to the bathroom. This is where we started.

And here’s what we wanted to achieve.
The orange wall color had to go. It made the windowless bathroom really dark and was an unsettling color. Whenever I looked at this room, all I saw was brass, brass, and brass. In fact, the whole house is covered in brass, and I have made it my personal mission to wipe out all traces of that gold. We wanted better lighting and needed a new toilet which you can’t see because it sits behind that short wall on the left. The beige countertops were stained and didn’t really match the bright white tile and tub or the earthy floor tile.
I love the floor tile, and it’s staying.
It desperately needed to be cleaned and resealed, though.

There was shiny white tile around the tub that made it sit like some kind of white elephant in the corner, especially when the shower curtain was pulled and hid the white shower. Hubby and I wanted to replace the shower-tub unit with a walk-in tiled shower that we could more easily step into when we’re old and creaky. It would also make the shower roomier for Hubby, who is 6’4”.

The work in that room started with the removal of the popcorn ceiling, which created quite the mess.
That living room mirror you see in the shower has floated from room to room this summer as we try to protect it from various work hazards. I can’t explain the coat rack.

While this was going on I spent a fair amount of time trying to pick a blue for the walls that would be soothing and coordinate with the blue in the floor tile.
Despite the many attempts you see there, I failed miserably, so please ignore the hideous blue you’re about to see in the next photos. It is not staying. In fact, it’s being covered with a few coats of Cottage Cream as I write this.

In the weeks that followed, we got new countertops and faucets.
And the big work on the shower and tub began. The tub moved around alot.
One day I stopped in and it was sitting in the bedroom.

As of this week, it all started to come together. The tub is much better, I think. (Ignore the blue! Ignore the blue!)
And the shower will be beautiful when the clear glass doors are installed. Those are ordered and will be here in, you guessed it, two weeks.

Most importantly, Hubby got his new toilet. He very proudly picked out the Grand Champion model with the oval seat. It can allegedly flush a bucket of golf balls. He’s very excited about the flushing capability. Men. He’s also very exciting about the light/exhaust fan that will sit over the toilet. When the electrician asked why in the world we would spend $150 on the Cadillac of exhaust fans, I had to explain how it would greatly improve the, ahem, lighting for reading purposes in that corner. Like I said, we tried to add the items we’ve always dreamed about, and that was high on Hubby’s list. Let’s just leave it at that.

The next time I show you pictures of this room, it should be finished. And that should be in less than…..two weeks.


J.G. said...

I love seeing all the details and think you are doing a fabulous job of making simultaneous decisions about all kinds of things. (So what if you missed on the blue? Blues are difficult.)

Plus, no need to purchase an area rug!

janjanmom said...

Looks awesome!!

I once had an unfortunate blue incident. It was a much larger room and also involved a paint over. I second the blues are difficult comment.

Janis said...

That is so exciting coming down the home stretch. As I was looking at the photos, I wondered why the bathroom had two tubs. Your renovations are looking great. Can't wait to see the finished project..Yes..area rugs are outrageous. Your doing a good job making this house your own!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I love DIY. Especially when I'm not the one doing the DIY. : )

oreneta said...

Sooo, when do you get to move in? Two and a half weeks????

Like the tub a whole lot!

Cruise Mom said...

Love the tile - I really need new flooring throughout my downstairs...

Mia said...

Area rugs?....your'e preachin' to the choir sister : )

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!