Friday, October 16, 2009

Going Home

I hear it's in the 40's and dreary at home. THAT'S gonna hurt after enjoying a week of temps in the upper 80's and plenty of sunshine. We board a plane tomorrow afternoon to head home. It's been a great week. Very relaxing. Due to a proxy issue with the computer I've had available, posting has been almost nonexistant. Well, there was also the issue of me doing a whole bunch of nothin'. I've also been unable to download and post pictures, so those will have to wait a few more days. Ah, the troubles of a life of leisure.

It turned cool here this evening. These Floridians are shivering in the 50-something nighttime temp. We said, "Ha! This is nothin'. Come with us to Kentucky where we have ice storms that knock out your electricity for three weeks." And then we bought Hubby a pair of jeans at Target because SOMEBODY said he wouldn't need any pants on this trip when I was packing.

We have shopped and sunbathed and ripped around on some jet skis. We had planned to parasail this morning, but our appointment was cancelled because of high winds. Mostly, we've just laid around on the beach, resting our minds. And our backsides. I did manage to run two days. My motivation for exercise on the other five days was nil. It's back to the grind next week, given the heavy meals we've eaten.

We will help to celebrate Special Delivery's first birthday Sunday, and then the fun is over. Workers finished our floors at the new house this week, and appliances are delivered Monday. We actually have to start moving. I'm trying really hard not to think about it until I have to. I'm anxious to get into the new house, but I'd rather take a beating than pack up all of our belongings for a move. The next two or three weeks are going to be full. I swear, we'll look up one day, and Christmas will be here and gone. Just like vacation. It's been a good week, and I hate to head home, but there's a Delta fight with our names on it. Let's just hope we get there without BFF's suitcase exploding. I just took a look at it to see how it was coming, took two steps backward and said a couple of Hail Mary's.


J.G. said...

Your rest and recharge sounds like it was just perfect. Aren't jet skiis the most fun thing ever!

Janis said...

All good things must come to and end. At least your rested for the work ahead of you in the moving process. You have a lot to look forward to being in your new house for the Holidays..Woot!

oreneta said...

Glad the weather was so good for'll be a necessary break from the construction...I am going to have to think about what we can do.

The Church Lady said...

So glad you had a nice well-deserved vacation. You have alot to look forward to with moving and all. I'll bet you can't wait! sigh.