Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Upcoming Move

-After fifteen years of living in this house, I'm going to finally see the back of my spice shelf again. And I'm a little afraid of what I'll find. I suspect there's a ten year old bottle of Creole seasoning back there.
-I'm very afraid of what I'm going to find in the back of the bathroom cabinet.
-Hubby has been dragging his feet on packing up stuff in the garage, but I think he's getting motivated to do more by the every other day frantic Oh My Gosh Someone's Coming to Look at the House Let's get Things Cleaned Up call from the realtor.
-When we started the remodeling of the new house I was very excited about all of the choices I needed to make in tile, paint and knobs and such. I'm so over that. Right now, you could paint my new living room Lady Ga Ga Pink and I wouldn't care. Not until Christmas anyway.
-I plan to purge, purge, purge during this move. My family is determined to drag, drag, drag all that crap down the street with them.
-The last time we moved it was from a duplex two blocks up the street. This time we are moving just two blocks farther down the street. By the time we're sixty years old we might actually get out of this subdivision.
-There are some things I simply plan to scoot onto a dolley and roll down the street on moving day. The aquarium with gallons and gallons of water is NOT one of them.
-I suspect the cat, who just got used to this house, is going to be really confused when we move her back into her old house.
-Our dog has already gotten into a fight with the neighbor's dogs. How embarrassing.
-Yes, CS. Hubby got the Big Ass Chair. It's supposed to be delivered Friday.
-We're hosting a bonfire/party for Teen Angel's Key Club Saturday night. It will be at the new house because there is more backyard there. Think anyone will notice we don't actually live there yet?
-While I'm excited about moving into the new house, I think I'm unprepared for how emotional the move from this old house where Hubby and I started our family will be. I should probably pack the tissues last.


oreneta said...

We are also having a party before we actually move into the house, and I too am purge purge purging...though the dog has an advantage in that we take him over there pretty often, so he kind of knows the drill.....

A New England Life said...

The tissues will surely come in handy!

We've lived in our house since before the kids were born and though I always say I'd like a different house it will no doubt be an emotional day when the time comes. My best to you and your family in the BIG move. Sounds like it will be very exhausting, physically and emotionally.

Janis said...

Your right..this is the time to get rid of STUFF! Emotions will run high on moving day..just look ahead to a new chapter in your life. Good luck

Swampy said...

An understandable feeling...
Nothing like a move to purge, but it seems the things I get rid of are the things I need first...

Mia said...

In 22 years of marriage we have moved 14 times.I detest the actual physical work of a move but love "letting go" of stuff. You may find a big purge a really freeing experience.