Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picture Perfect

Teen Angel and I have been taking her senior pictures off and on during the past few weeks. We took several of them over Labor Day weekend, but then I had to put them on hold while I did a bridal shoot and dealt with other odds and ends. She and I shot some more pictures this week, including some at the bakery where she works. I currently have about 300 photos to sort through, cull and edit, but so far my favorites are the ones we took at our last stop yesterday evening. It was the perfect setting, and the dwindling sunlight was at its absolute best when we arrived there.

For the past month I had searched for a junkyard where we could take the photos of Teen Angel in her prom dress. I liked the idea of surrounding her and that fancy dress with a bunch of junk. However, I had trouble finding a good old fashioned junkyard. It seems there's been a push in western Kentucky in the last few years to clean up the junkyards. I was about to give up when Hubby found the perfect spot just a couple of miles from our house. He has a buddy who has a radiator repair business, and next to Billy's business sits this old building with a rusted out car and a pile of junk. I scouted it out, deemed it perfect and screamed, "DON'T!" when Billy said he was about to tear down that old building and clean up that corner. He was more than happy to put off that chore until we shot our pictures, and I have to tell you I'm going to be a little sad to see it go when he finally gets around to knocking it down. It's just a perfect backdrop for portraits.

By the way, the rings she is wearing are her class ring, my class ring and Sissy's class ring.


The Church Lady said...

The are all fantastic! And you are right, it is a great backdrop for photos. Maybe hubby will let you move the whole thing to your back yard! Ha!

BTW, my favorite is of TA jumping. It is just a fun shot!

Trailboss said...

Love the shoes!!!! Great shots.

Janis said...

Great shots...Love the shoes with the gown.

karisma said...

Very nice! Love those shoes! I also love the one where she is jumping...too cool!

Anonymous said...

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