Monday, December 20, 2010

Hula's Holiday Favorites-"Elf Yourself"

Ooh, who doesn't love to Elf Yourself? I had almost forgotten about this little Office Max marketing fun until Mrs. Scrubbs sent me one of her, Super Cop and Special Delivery yesterday. Ho, ho, ho, can the Hula-gen's breakdance or what?


Jason, as himself said...

Very cute! Strange, though, how none of your facial expressions change in the slightest, even with all of that dancing and jumping and spinning. Not even a grimace from the two 40+ elves!

Have a wonderful Christmas, friend!

The Church Lady said...

Very cute! My girls always like to elf themselves!

janjanmom said...

I though I remembered your husband as being taller...LOL

Good one!

Jan n Jer said...

Thats cute...I did it last year for the grands...they loved it.