Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Favorites

I'm in the process of trying to organize some photos, and after sifting through dozens and dozens of them I decided to try to compile a list of my favorites from the past year. Since I take so many it's easy to forget what I have. I had a good time stumbling across ones I had forgotten and reviewing others I keep handy for photo contests and the like. I had a little trouble picking just ten because most of them are so personal for me, but I finally narrowed it down. It helped to motivate me for next year, but most of all it allowed me to see my progress in recent months. I have so much to learn.

If you have one of these you like best, shout it out. I'd love to know which ones you like. I'm always surprised at the emotions that certain images provoke in different people. And to my fellow shutterbugs--Happy shooting in 2011.

10. I keep expecting a little elf to show up in this one.

9. Bokeh, bokeh, bokeh. Love the bokeh in this one.

8. The spirit of these girls just makes me smile. From the inside out.

7. A young woman who didn't realize her own beauty.

6. One of 2,000 bridal shoot pictures of this beautiful young woman. I wore us both out shooting that day.5. This spells serenity to me.

4. This one speaks volumes about the personality of Teen Angel and her buddies.

3. Oh, little dragonfly, you made my day when you sat still for so long.

2. My favorite picture of Teen Angel. I put it on the front of the coffee table book we made from her senior pictures. My baby isn't a baby anymore. Waaaaa.

1. And my favorite of the year. I get a little misty every time I look at it.


Anonymous said...

I like 4 and 1! 4 reminds me of my friends from high school, all of our personalities came by what we presented ourselves because we wore uniforms. I like 1 because the little boys face is priceless :)

karisma said...

Oh I was going to say 7 till I saw 2, she is so gorgeous! Such a blessing! :-)

J.G. said...

I knew #1 would be on there, and I'm glad you included one from the boat series (although somehow I like the winter version the best--that's just me). All the girls are so vibrant with youth and beauty. Good choices!

The Church Lady said...

Oh my. They are all fantastic! I remember seeing most of these throughout the year, but number 1 definitely has great meaning. I love the TA shot too.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy new year!

Louisiana Belle said...

Great photos! But if I have to pick a favorite it would be 4. The setting is awesome, the girls walking away from the camera signifies that they are ready to move forward in their lives, and the processing you used is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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