Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More On The Whole Music Thing

The other day when I professed my love for Do They Know It’s Christmas, my Louisiana friend, Madd Maxx, started a little email banter between us that may or may not have included someone accusing someone else of not having good taste in music. And it may or may not have included an ugly accusation about Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. And then there was the whole Britney Spears jab, so Maxx, being the attorney he is, felt obligated to defend himself.

Have I ever mentioned he’s an attorney? No? Well, he is. He attended and graduated from law school after becoming a pharmacist. Dadgum overachiever. Anyhoo, he’s never been short on words, and I can say that because I haven’t either. In fact, you should know that he and I would probably run a close race in the category of who most had the phrases “out of seat too much” and “talks too much” on the conduct section of our grade school report cards. Our friendship is based upon the ability to tease, joke, gossip and verbally debate.

He feels as if I publicly criticized him on the World Wide Web for his music choices and is therefore deserving of a public rebuttal. Now, being the fair minded person I am and given my love of free speech (Heck, I’ll even defend Rush Limbaugh’s right to dirty up the airwaves.), I am more than willing to present to my kind and gracious readers his picks for the best Christmas music. And I’ll even let you be the judge of his taste in music.

His first pick? Jim Croce.

I see he played the sentimental favorite card with this one. I mean who doesn’t like Jim Croce. I’ll admit it’s an excellent song, but going the whole beautiful voice but died too young route was a little obvious, Maxx. Still, a wonderful choice.

His next pick? Tom Petty.

Nothing screams Christmas like Tom Petty. Maxx darlin’, your 80’s roots are showing.

And finally, in what I’m guessing is his response to my satirical choice of Britney Spears’ Christmas song as a top pick, he chose Billy Squire as quote “An all time great retro Christmas song AND video”. In the interest of keepin’ it real, I will admit to having the best of Billy Squire in my CD collection. I actually listened to this song on my way to work today.

Hmmm. There you have it folks. Listen. Enjoy. Comment away. Maxx thrives on verbal feedback. He’s all about the words, remember? And if you don’t believe me, ask him about that time the fourth grade teacher tied him to a chair with a jump rope. As for me, I’m off to wrap some packages.

Oh, and Maxx? I see your Billy Squire and raise you with The Waitresses.

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