Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anyone Want to Join my New Club?

As I perused the “what’s happening this week” section of our local newspaper I noticed that most of the activities were related to an illness, addiction or social issue. This week’s events included meetings for: singles, interracial women, interracial men, fathers asking to have equal rights, women for sobriety, arthritis sufferers, gastric bypass patients, alzheimers victims, drug addicts, cancer survivors, overeaters, suicide survivors, those suffering mental illness, alcoholics, cardiac patients, amputees, widows, disabled veterans, those with emotional problems, ostomy patients, people with family violence, people suffering from grief, babies who need hearts, and an animal rescue group. Whew! That’s a long list. I’m sure all of those groups are necessary and serve a worthwhile purpose. It just seems like we’re suffering an awful lot. Keep in mind I live in a community of about 30,000 people. That list had me scratching my head a little bit. What happened to bowling leagues and card clubs? Is it okay to get together for a little fun or do we need a serious reason to gather together? I’m really grateful I don’t need a support group in my life right now, and I will be really grateful that it’s there if I need it in the future. In the meantime, I’m thinking of starting a new club: PWJWTHAGT, People Who Just Want To Have A Good Time. Think anyone will join?

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janjanmom said...

Count me in, but don't tell anyone what all those initials stand for!! Better to be mysterious and exclusive.