Saturday, May 12, 2007

That 70's Thing

We were watching "That 70's Show" last night and I got a good chuckle out of hubby because for a few minutes he thought it was actually an old show taped in the 70's. If it's not "Cops" or "America's Most Wanted" he doesn't really pay attention to the television, and he usually falls asleep within minutes of sitting in front of it, so I'm not surprised that he was slow to catch on. "That 70's Show" cracks me up. I think it's because I love looking at all of the old clothes and home decor. It brings back fond memories because I am a child of the 70's. Some of my favorite things about the 70's:
-puka shell necklaces. I still like them.
-mood rings. Mine always stayed green. I'm not sure what that meant. Probably that it was a cheap ring.
-Partridge Family reruns after school. Keith and I would have been "so happy together" if only he had known I existed. sigh.
-scraps of material sewn onto the bottom of my bell bottoms. I thought the whole patchwork thing was really cool and made me look like those hippies I saw on tv. My mom loved the fad because she got 6 months extra wear out of those pants once the original hem was too short. I grew fast during that time.
-Bonanza reruns after school. All of my friends thought Little Joe was the cute one. I liked Adam. He was older and more mysterious. My attraction to older men continues to this day, and I can pinpoint its source.
-vacation bible school. Kum Ba Yah! My favorite craft was gluing macaroni shells to the border of a Chinette paper platter, spray painting it gold and sticking a bunch of plastic grapes in the center. My mother had a lot of VBS home decor.
-Doctor Hook. I was too young to realize how drug laced their music was. I just loved "Sylvia's Mother". I was pretty ticked when my mom wouldn't take me to their concert.
-AM transistor radios. I had a plain black one, but my cool friend, Kandi, had the round white one on a chain. My Coppertone summer of 77' found me in the backyard on a towel for hours every day listening to the radio and roasting my fair cheeks.
-the library. We went once a week, and I checked out every Nancy Drew, Hardy Boy and Bobbsy Twin book they had. For about a year, I really thought I was "Harriet the Spy". When I was about 12 I found my mother's paperback stash and secretly introduced myself to "Mandingo", "Peyton Place" and other juicy reads. My vocabulary and knowlege of all things lusty grew tremendously that summer.
-bicycle riding. I grew up in the country with no neighbors my age, so I spent hours burning up the gravel roads on my bike, exploring old barns and trying to outrun our neighbor's vagabond bulls.
-platform shoes. My first pair was in 7th grade, and I thought I was Fergalicious. Too bad I couldn't walk in them.
-the Ben Franklin store. It had that old squeaky wooden floor and hundreds of bins filled with wonderous things. I could spend hours in that store. My favorite part was the ice cream stand near the cash register. It was a rare treat to get ice cream in there, so we lapped it up when the dairy gods shined upon us and showered us with butter pecan riches.
-the birth of my youngest brother. My mother went into labor so fast that my dad panicked, dumped us in my grandma's driveway without any shoes and raced to the hospital barely in time for the doctor to catch baby bro. It was a good thing grandma was home because dad had forgotten to call her before he dropped us off.

Ah, good times. Somebody turn up the Bay City Rollers. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT.

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janjanmom said...

I can remember singing "Sharing the Night Together" along with Barbara Mandrell's "You Can Eat Crackers in my Bed Anytime". I had no idea what I was singing, but I sang it with gusto anyway.