Thursday, May 10, 2007

Circle yes or no

My little drama queen had her heart broken yesterday. The boy she has been “going with” (not that they go anywhere) for the last two months broke up with her. What a turd-sicle! (That’s middle school lingo for jerk.) I knew it was bound to happen. He’s such a playa’. He’s hot and he knows it. You remember the kind. They start breaking hearts around age 12 and never stop. I could see it coming but couldn’t stop it. I hate that I can’t protect her from that kind of pain. The irony in all of this is that hubby couldn’t stand this boy from the beginning because, well, he’s a boy who wants to get close to our daughter therefore, he is evil. Now hubby is offended that this boy broke up with her. How can our daughter not be good enough for this kid? Fortunately, she has reached the anger stage of her grief over this relationship and has begun calling said evil boy names and refuses to talk to him. High drama. She could score an Oscar nomination for this one.

All of this reminds me of the soap opera woven into my days at F. Elementary. I attended a K-8 school, so I went to school with the same 25 kids for nine years. There were only so many boys, and I was pretty picky so my potential love interests were somewhat limited. I pined for K.O. (our resident gigolo), but he passed me by for girls with boobs. I called G.R. my boyfriend, but it didn’t last long once we realized we were just dodge ball buddies. I did break at least one heart, and in light of drama queen’s experience yesterday, I’m now feeling bad about that. Every morning for the first six months of sixth grade, a note from D.B. awaited me in my desk with the heartfelt request of “Will you go with me? Circle Yes or No”. Now, I just wasn’t attracted to this boy, so every day I heartlessly circled no and pushed it back in his direction. As the days wore on, his notes became more flowery. He drew hearts. He improved his penmanship. He added a piece of candy, and yet…I always said no. In typical female fashion, I brushed off the nice guy and chased after the playa’. I really hate that I was so thoughtless. I’m sorry D.B.. I want you to know that I’m older now. I appreciate the nice guys, and the swashbuckling heartbreakers don’t turn my head (well, maybe just a little if they’re hot). If I were single today, and you were to ask me, I’d probably circle yes.

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