Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Searching for my Lost Shaker of Salt

I am all tingly today. That’s because I’m headed to Margaritaville when I leave work. We are Cincinnati bound for tomorrow night’s Jimmy Buffett concert there. 22,500 crazy people dressed in wacky outfits will come together on the banks of the Ohio River to celebrate leisure. It’s where the whole Parrothead movement started many years ago, and the folks there know how to have a good time. They’ll start tailgating tomorrow morning. It raises people watching to a whole new level. You really don’t have to drink to have a good time. I’ll probably have a margarita, though. Or two. And a cheeseburger.

My outfit is ready: grass skirt, leis, flamingo Mardi Gras beads, flamingo sunglasses and satin parrot flip-flops. Teen Angel is mortified that I will wear that get-up in public. The next time she tries to walk out the door in butt crack revealing jeans and a T-shirt that says “I Pooted”, I’m not going to say a word. I’m just going to quietly change into my Parrothead outfit and sit down beside her in the car. I won’t change until she does. It’s similar to the dirty dancing technique or kissing in public tactic her dad and I use to show her how silly she’s acting sometimes.

By this time tomorrow, I should be standing in a lot on Kellogg Avenue, amidst cars with giant shark fins on top, men in coconut bras and grass skirts and women with silly hats. I might take a picture. Or two. And make a few new friends.

The scenery will be fun, but the music is really what I enjoy most. Jimmy’s music is fun. It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a little bit of ballad. It’s easy to sing along to and lends itself to audience participation. I might dance during a song. Or two. And sing out loud.

Why will thousands of people dress up in silly outfits, drink a few drinks and sing some songs? Because it’s a few hours of escapism; an opportunity to set aside your worries for a little while and pretend you are someone else in a far away place where it’s warm, and sunny and feels like vacation. A place where you’d like to spend a day. Or two. And relax.


janjanmom said...

I hate that you already lost your shaker of salt and it hasn't even started. ) ; Hope someone can loan you one!

Don't forget: Salt it, lick it, slam it. Tequila "pop" one for me.

Mia teacher mom said...

I thought it was lick once, salt it (so the salt will stick) lick again then slam......For some reason I am really excited for you to go and I have never met you! Have a great time!!

Supercop said...

Drink one for me.
remember "the whole world lies waiting behind door #3"