Friday, July 20, 2007

Working for the Weekend

Lawsie mercy! I am ready for the weekend. This has been a crazy week. Nothing came easy, every day presented a new challenge, and by yesterday afternoon everything seemed downright silly. I need some rest, but it may be a hectic weekend.

I’m running a 5K in the morning. A cool front moved through last night, knocking down the temperatures, so it should be fairly comfortable during the run. Thanks goodness! It was hotter than Guam around here earlier in the week. Please, Lord, let me be faster than the senior citizens this time.

My 25th class reunion is tomorrow night. I hope all the mean girls from high school are fatter, grayer and more wrinkled than I am. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’m supposed to be past that, but I’d be lying if I said I was. I have the all important dress; not too sexy, but figure flattering. Something that holds everything in place while making it appear that I don’t need any special undergarments to hold everything in place. Want to make a bet on how many women are wearing Spanx tomorrow night? I have the shoes, too; stylish but not so tall that I’ll break my neck when I’m dancing to the REO Journey Van Halen Wagon hit parade. (Did you notice the nod to Lover Boy in the title of this post?) Hopefully, no one will notice they are Dr. Scholl’s sandals. My nails are freshly polished, and I used the derma-brasion yesterday.

Speaking of nail polish, I had a good giggle yesterday when the gynecologist complemented me on my toenail polish in the midst of the exam. When she realized how odd that sounded, she tried to recover by telling me how many pretty nail polish colors they get to see every day. I’ll be that’s not all they see. The second goofy moment of the afternoon came about thirty minutes later during my mammogram. I got a compliment from the radiologist on my ability to stay perfectly still while standing on my toes, holding my breath and having my boob squeezed between two plates. Like I had anywhere to go? I think I’m not the only one who needs rest this weekend.


janjanmom said...

Take a compliment wherever you get it, no matter how awkward.

Just smile, savor and say thank you, you still person with pretty toes.

Mia said...

Any gal that can run a 5k then dance to 80's tunes AND make the "barbie dolls" from high school squirm all in 24 hours is MY HERO!!!! have fun!