Thursday, July 3, 2008

Because Mia Said So

Okay, Mia wrote a lovely post about her husband (and can I just say he sounds like a swell guy). Now, she has tagged me to do the same, and I'm glad to do it. I have a wonderful husband, and I like to brag about him every now and then. He has his share of flaws like the rest of us (like selective hearing loss and a tendency to pinch my leg or poke me in the ribs during church) but honestly, those flaws are small compared to all the good stuff. In fact, I think I'm much more flawed than he is. When I first saw how he looked after his parents years ago, I knew he was a keeper. I'm a very lucky gal, so here you go Mia: Ten Things You Don't Know About My Husband.

1. He has a ponytail. Because Papa T. is blind he didn't know about the ponytail until Teen Angel recently let it slip. Papa T. freaked about it a little. He still thinks he can tell Hubby when to get a haircut, even though Hubby is 54 years old.

2. The three things that make him go ballistic in 1.2 seconds are: vending machines that rip him off, someone honking their horn at him and stepping in dog poop.

3. If there is dog poop within a one block radius of his feet he will step in it, no matter how careful he is. This has caused me and Teen Angel to laugh uncontrollably on numerous occasions because we walk around barefoot all the time, never looking where we place our feet and NEVER stepping in dog poop.

4. He retired from being a parole officer two years ago and became a house husband, taking care of the laundry and grocery shopping, among many other things. He's great with the vacuum cleaner and cleans stuff without being prodded. Me? Not so much. Stay AWAY from him ladies. You can't have him.

5. When we first met he alphabetized his canned goods in the cabinets. Whew! Good thing we cured him of that 'cause that was almost the demise of our relationship.

6. He watches absolutely no organized sports on television whatsoever....EVER. It's one of the reasons I married him.

7. He loves John Wayne and his favorite JW movie line is "Prepare to die you sons of *****!"

8. He is ten years older than me but doesn't look it.

9. He carries his mother's pocketbook around all the time when he is shuffling Mama J. around town and doesn't mind at all. In fact, sometimes it matches his shoes and he laughs when I point it out. I usually offer to take it, and he usually declines.

10. I often find him helping elderly people reach groceries on the top shelf (he's tall), feeding stray dogs in parking lots and feeding neighborhood critters. In fact, he spends a few hundred dollars a year on bird and critter food.

I know Mia said ten things, but I color outside the lines so I'm going to add another one.
11. He lovingly and patiently puts up with a wife who wears grass skirts in public, doesn't know when to shut up, thinks she's always right and laughs loudly at inappropriate times. Can you see why I love him?


oreneta said...

He's definitely a keeper...sounds fantastic!

Mia said...

LOVE the ponytail
LOVE the no sports watching
LOVE unashamed carrying of mama's purse
But the best one of seeing MY NAME in a post title!!!! WOO-HOO I'm famous!!
Thanks for playing : )

Jason said...

Great details! What a great guy.

Arkansas Songbird said...

No organized sports.....kind to animals and elderly folks....carries his mom's purse... I'm sold! What a nice husband you have!

Amy said...

This is funny!:)

Like your husband, I always step in the dog poop...even as a little girl, I was the only child that managed to keep poop between my toes all of the time.:)