Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Kings of Comedy

I read the other day where Eddie Murphy is quitting movies and going back to stand-up comedy. Can I get a big amen for that? I have long missed Eddie’s sassy, naughty (okay, nasty) humor. Is it wrong to use Eddie’s name and the word “amen” in the same paragraph? When I need a good laugh I reach into the back of my CD case and pull out Delirious and cackle until I need to pee. That bit about the ice cream man ALWAYS makes me laugh. In fact, I went looking for that CD the other day and was a little perturbed that I couldn’t find it. Because of some stress going on in my life, I’ve yearned for a good laugh lately. I need a really long, breath sucking belly shaking until you cry and release all your emotions kind of laugh. While searching for something to give me that laugh, I noticed something. Eddie’s not the only comedian I miss. Most of my favorites aren’t doing stand up anymore. In fact, many of them have gone to that great big club in the sky, like George Carlin, God bless his liberal thought provoking soul. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Rock and Larry the Cable Guy are funny. I mean, who doesn’t love a good fart joke? But I just don’t love them like the comedians I grew up with. The ones I slipped to the door of my bedroom to listen to on the Tonight Show long past my bedtime on a school night. The ones who filled up the Hollywood Squares and lit up the small screen on shows hosted by Dean Martin, Carol Burnett and the Smothers Brothers. The folks who wore suits and bow ties and weren’t afraid to make fun of themselves to get a laugh. Like this guy.
And this one.
And where’s Geraldine when you need her. Or everybody’s favorite mom.
And dad. And clown. He and I share the same birthday, by the way, July 18th. And while I love Jay Leno, I really miss the old episodes of the Tonight Show, which is why I feel a little tug on my wallet every time I see the commercial for those old shows. Maybe I’ll pick up the phone and dial that number, and while I’m at it I may pick up the Dean Martin Show as well ‘cause I miss those guys. Now the old Hee Haw episodes? That’s another story.


Anonymous said...

I miss the old shows as well Jay leno is the closes I get to the "new" talk show hosts. I do not find their humor funny even david letterman's show has gone to the toilet as well. I'm sorry potty mouth humor is not humor in my book. Give me Jcak Benny,Red skelton, and the rest of the good stuff.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Mia said...

"I need a really long, breath sucking belly shaking until you cry and release all your emotions kind of laugh."

Then you need a night out with janjanmom and mama mia...oh girl its good for what ails ya : )

I like some good old '70's Saturday Night Live

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life than when I saw Eddie Murphy's RAW in the theaters way back when.

janjanmom said...

"That's not it, need a shoehorn?"

I heart Eddy Murphy too and feel very guilty about it.

I suggest renting you some Wayne's World-the first one not the second one. It is very funny!! Middle school humor abounds. AND truly-that IS the best humor!!