Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh Baby!

Looky, looky what I got….a photo of the littlest Hula-gen. He hasn’t entered the world yet, but thanks to man’s ability to bounce sound waves off a woman’s belly and create pictures, we got a glimpse of his face today. Actually, Super Cop and Mrs. Scrubs got a look at his face. I got a picture. He is 28 weeks old, and is no longer the size of a peanut. He’s about the size of a puppy now and Mrs. Scrubs and I think he looks like Super Cop when he was a baby, which basically means he’s bald with big ears. What do you think?

Note the 70’s cover on that sofa. It was one in a long line of loud sofa covers grandma had. Sweet.
We’re all excited about the new baby. He should land here just in time for Halloween, He’s only the second grandbaby for Zeke and Baby Ruth and the first baby we’ve had around here in more than fifteen years. On that side of the family Teen Angel has had the grandkid thing wrapped up for her entire life, and when she first heard the news about the baby she was briefly bummed that she would no longer be the only. She quickly warmed up to the idea when she found out it was a boy, running around the house singing, “It’s got a wiener. I’m so exited…” Now she’s all ga ga, baby this and baby that. She’s about to put me in the poor house, buying clothes for the little guy. Although, I must admit the onesie from Spencer’s that had the iPod dial on the front and “iPoop” on the seat was pretty cute.

Personally, I’m excited because I get a baby to play with that I don’t have to push out of my womb or feed at 3am. I can hold him, sniff his neck, play with his toes and squeeze his fat knees, then hand him back, go home and sleep peacefully throughout the night. And I get to enjoy the paybacks for all those times Super Cop gave me a hard way to go about parenting when Teen Angel was little. Ooh, God is good.

This newest ultrasound photo will be seen by anyone in a sixty mile radius of Baby Ruth’s house. She carried the last one in her purse and whipped it out to unsuspecting strangers, the homeless and any relative or friend who would stand still long enough to see it. It will be one of many photos to come, and if he continues to look like Super Cop he should be pretty cute. He always took the cutest baby pictures. Like this one. By the way, the new baby is wearing this same outfit home. Then there’s this photo.
And this one.
Isn’t he cute in his overalls?
Even when he had a lot of hair, he was cute. Poor baby better not get used to hair, though. It doesn’t last long in this family. By about age 35, he may be bald again.


Amy said...

I know you are ready to get your hands on that little cutie!
The ultrasound technology is amazing now!
I loved the baby pics of your brother.
And that his baby will wear that same outfit home is precious!
I can't wait to see that picture.:)

God Bless,

karisma said...

And what a good looking sort he is already! Isn't that just amazing? Beautiful! I would be so excited in your shoes! I just love new babies.

Mia said...

Cute bro, what fun! I have to wait and satisfy that baby cravin' till next March : ) Gotta have that that Spencer's at our glorious mall??

Jason said...

Auntie Hula! Felicidades!