Monday, March 2, 2009

Look Whose Smiling

Sandwiched in between the dog vomit and spoiled meat in the freezer this weekend, there was a bright spot. Guess who dropped in on us with a surprise visit Friday night, and guess who’s getting to be such a big boy. That’s right. Our favorite nephew, Special Delivery. He is now four months old and poking his toes out of his smallest outfits. He’s sampling baby food, blowing bubbles and entertaining us with his smiles and coos. When you haven’t had a baby in the house for a while, you forget how hard they try to interact with you at this stage and how expressive they are. Once they discover their facial muscles move, they start manipulating your heart with every little turn of their brow and cheeks. They gots the power, and they know it. They change personalities faster than Sally Field in Sybil.

Hey, watcha got in that diaper bag, over there? A little food?

It IS food. Yeah!
I really don't think much of your green beans. Seriously, I could do with some applesauce instead.

Actually, I would pefer some formula, thank you. You can try, but I'm not budging, and I'm going to give you the stink eye if you keep pushing your luck.

I'm NOT kidding!!

Ha! Yes, I am. Give me a little bite woman. Three bites and we're done with the green mess and on to formula right? That's how this gig usually works.

Oh, boy! Oh, boy, oh, boy! I see formula, oh yes I do!

See what I mean. Wrapped. Around. Our. Fingers.

I'm going to need a bigger memory card for the camera.


oreneta said...

Go buy that memory card, today...that kid is seriously adorable. OMGoodness.

Janis said...

He is so cute and growing sooooo fast.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Oh my goodness...don't you just want to cuddle that little one all day long?!?

janjanmom said...

I have a great-nephew on the way (I feel so old!) and I can't wait to meet him!!