Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Monday-Tale of the Undies

Oh, what an unusual assignment we have this week. Our host today, mamadrama, recently found a pair of men's underwear in the parking lot at work. She figures they fell out of someone's gym bag, but it certainly does make you curious about their origin. That's what inspired her assignment for us:

For the March 23rd Fun Monday, What type of tale would you create as to why you had to ditch your underwear in the parking garage at work?

Hmmmm. Interesting. Well, the mind certainly wanders in all kinds of directions on this one. After turning this one upside down in my mind for a while, I finally decided that the only reason my underwear would end up in the parking lot at work would be because they fell out of my gym bag, and I've come gosh darn close to doing that actually. And as I typed this sentence I suddenly remembered I haven't emptied my gym bag and washed last week's running clothes yet. Yikes. So, I'm changing the rules just a smidge and giving you a list of why anyone's underwear would wind up in a public parking lot, besides the obvious reason. These are kind of feeble, but it's the best I could do after a two hour nap. Let's do a top ten list a la Letterman, shall we? Paul, cue the music.

10. Children's author Dave Pilkey's superhero, Captain Underpants, did a quick change in public.

9. A dingo ate my baby...and stole my clothing.

8. I'm not the only one who tests how long they can wear drawers before they literally fall off.

7. A tornado ripped through the laundromat during spring storm season.

6. A protest over the AIG bonuses got way out of hand.

5. The Girls Next Door moved in next door.

4. The Hanes convention was in town, and they gave away swag bags.

3. It was Take Your Drawers to Work Day.

2. A parade came to town, Matthew McConoughey was the grand marshal, and the ladies needed to throw something.

1. And finally....what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Okay, that's all I got. Let's mosey on over to mamadrama's to see what everyone else came up with, and let's hope they were more creative than me. If anyone needs me, I'll be doing some laundry.


Trailboss said...

Oh, that is funny! Underwear in the work parking lot. That makes me tempted to take an old pair of Joe's to work tomorrow and toss them out just to see what people do. Then I could write about it. Hummmmmm.....that is VERY tempting.

Mariposa said...

Ha ha ha, you did it so creatively...mine is up as well!

Happy Monday!

♥ watching them blossom said...

Love the Top 10 List!! Great idea!! My favorite is the Matthew McConaughy story!

Jeanna said...

Mathew McConaughy, dingo, very funny. I've seen the fabled drawers worn until they literally fall off, although I didn't see them drop so much as throw them in my bag and stuff them in someone elses trash.

Hootin' Anni said...

I think I like #7 best...the tornado. Ya, that would work.

I wrote a song! Come over...and bring your best singing voice.

Happy Fun Monday.

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

I love #4 and #5! I wasn't brave enough to do this week's assignment, but I do have a post up today anyway! I will jump back into the action next week ;0)

Mama Drama Margaret said...

hahahahah.... You rock for this list! Thanks for playing!

Faye said...

Watch out David Letterman--hulagirl is on your heels! If you hear of a jockey for her convention close by, pleaze let me know!

Sayre said...

Hahahha.... Captain Underpants! I love that!

Sayre said...

P.S. I finally got mine up.

Janis said...

Great list, #2 is my favorite. He is a hottie!

Rayne said...

Very clever! #9 really made me laugh.

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! very funny take on this underwear theme !

grace said...

nice, loved them