Sunday, March 7, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

When does a pine cone become more than a speck in the woods?

Or a hole in a leaf become something special?

How can the face of a leaf generate wonder?

The shape of moss underneath your feet become art?

And fungus hidden among the brush become a golden surprise?

When you look at them closely and appreciate the tiny details that make them the spectacular show that God places before us each and every day. That is why I have finally decided on my next camera lens. It will be a macro lens.

After two months of reading, reviewing and pouring over the many options, I’ve settled on a macro lens that is suitable for portraits (get ready Special Delivery and Teen Angel) and will give me a very close-up view of the world. When I originally starting saving for this lens, I thought I wanted a zoom lens, and I still do, but not as much as the macro. When I sift through the pictures I have taken, I can see this is the next logical purchase for me. I think this particular lens will serve me very well in the things I like to experiment with. The zoom lens will have to wait until my birthday and maybe beyond.

I spent more money today at Amazon than I’ve spent on any one item since I purchased furniture. My finger hovered above the check-out button for a long time before I had the nerve to click it. In fact, I loaded my shopping cart and bailed out three times before I finally had the nerve to go through with it. The tightwad in me has to keep reminding my stalled heart that this purchase is the fruit of pooling all of my Christmas money and hoarding weeks of my personal “blow money”. It’s weeks of eating leftovers for lunch and resisting even the smallest of unnecessary purchases.

The child in me is so excited she could almost pee her pants.


Janis said...

U go deserve it...I think your photos are great. My niece at Nine Acres is teaching a class on how to capture the best flower photo. She has shared a few tips with me and now I am ready for her class. Myself n both daughters are taking the class. I am so excited.

oreneta said...

Could kind of see that macro lens coming up, so glad you got it!

Trailboss said...

I hear ya! I am glad you are getting what you want. Can't wait to see all of the wonderful pictures. You just might outdo P-Dub! Hey, it could happen.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

It is a bit of sticker shock, but think of how much you'll use it and continue to use it for years to come. : )

Can't wait to see your photos!

The Church Lady said...

You are really getting some great photos. So professional looking! Magazine/Book worthy for sure! I am a tinge jealous. I want a new camera so badly.

You have a natural talent for taking photos and I can see that you are only getting better! So, you should not feel the least bit guilty about buying that new lens!


karisma said...

Fantastic shots! Money well spent!

And in answer to your questions up front... I would say " when you become conscious of your world" ..ahh there is so much beauty around us that people ignore and take for granted isn't there?