Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Women Just Get Flowers

I get so much more. My husband can be the best gift giver sometimes. He’s incredibly metrosexual that way. He likes to choose gifts that have meaning or have a practical application. Foo foo stuff is a big waste to him, and honestly, it is to me, too. He’s not one to give flowers because A. they die quickly and B. the smell reminds him of the funeral home. He did give me a dozen roses when I gave birth to Teen Angel ‘cause hello! I squeezed his child out of my womb. He also gave me a dozen rose bushes for the yard once because he could play the I gave you flowers card AND complete the landscaping. I thought that was very clever.

When he picks out a gift for me it’s often a surprise and it usually fits me well. Except for the 1991 Salad Shooter incident, but he totally made up for it when he shocked me with that diamond solitaire last Christmas. Diamonds may not be a girl’s best friend, but they ARE a right and joyful thing. All of this is to say he sometimes surprises me with gifts, large and small, that make my heart sing. Like last night.

Unknown to me he recently gave our neighbors some money right before they left for Hawaii and said, “Buy my girls t-shirts in Hawaii and make sure Hula’s has a hula girl on it.” So lo and behold, our neighbors came home yesterday after a nice long vacation with sacks for me and Teen Angel. Hers was a lovely green that made her jump for joy and mine? It has this!

How fun is that? Is that not perfect? I love, love, love it. A big shout out to M. and D. for taking the time between mai tais to pick up the goods, and Hubby, I love ya’ more than my luggage!


Jan said...

That is just the best. I love your hubs, too.

The Church Lady said...

How very thoughtful and so nice of your neighbors to do the leg work!

Louisiana Belle said...

What a perfect gift! You have great neighbors and a wonderful hubby!

A New England Life said...

That's the kind of husband women dream about! Aren't you the lucky one! Love the t-shirt too. How perfect.

Someday I hope my hubby surprises me with a big diamond solitaire! I'm not into jewelry but that is the one thing I want ... a big rock.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Love it, love it, love it! : )