Thursday, November 29, 2007

Band Geek

I have spent all my creativity this week building a float for our Christmas parade, so I'm resorting to cheap laughs today, readers. Enjoy a few of my old school pictures I found while trolling through mama's photo albums. These are band pics. One day when I have enough nerve, I'll show you the cheerleading and basketball pictures. Trust me, this is enough for one day. This is fourth grade band. Check out that hairdo. I was cutting edge with the shag. I'm also wearing my favorite clogs evah. They draw your attention down from my knobby knees. This is fifth grade band. Bad hair day. Bad hat. I couldn't keep it on my head while marching down the street. Give me a break. It's hard when you have to tilt your head to play the flute and balance a big ugly plume that weighs as much as you do.
This is sixth grade band, 1976, the year of the bicentennial. You can't see my knickers. You don't want to see my knickers. Well, you probably do, just for grins, but Tina C.'s big head is blocking my legs. It didn't take much. My legs were pretty skinny. I got to sit by Eddie B. while taking this picture. That's why I'm smiling. I thought he was hot.
And this is pep band. I'm wearing my favorite jeans in the whole wide world. I loved the patchwork stuff sewn on the bottom. I thought it was cool. Mama liked that trend, too because she could get six months more wear out of them by adding material after they got too short. I'm wearing my saddle oxfords but you can't really see them. Those were my cheerleading shoes. We took a lot of group pictures that day. I was multi-tasking my footwear.
I can't find my 7th and 8th grade band pictures. I'm kind of glad. I wacked off my hair in 7th grade, and those pictures are downright awful. I loved band, but my musical career ended when I hit high school. I found my true calling there on the pom/dance squad, which is probably the source of all those Rockette dreams. And I have some goofy pictures to prove it, complete with boots and sequins. Yeah baby!

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Mama Mia said...

Growing up my sister was in marching band. The hours of ridicule and taunting she endured because my brother and I were such slackers we weren't in band. Now thinking back I really admire her because band is WORK!! Have you ever seen the episode of Spongebob called Band Geeks? a must see