Saturday, November 3, 2007

Look Out!

You know you're feeling a little better when you start caring about your appearance again. The first thought on my mind when I woke up this morning was to bathe, quickly. I couldn't stand my fever induced bed wallowing stinking body anymore, and I had the energy to do something about it. Whew! It's amazing what a shower can do for you.

I'm not too vain, so I usually don't worry much about my appearance once I've dressed for the day and left the house. But I like to be clean and appear as if I at least made an effort to look decent. I don't fret about trekking down to the Piggly Wiggly without makeup or running an errand in old sweats. Sissy on the other hand, doesn't seem to leave the house without being fully accessorized. She's good with makeup, hair and all the girlie girl stuff. Me, not so much. I grew up a tomboy and didn't touch makeup until the day of my senior prom. I wear straight hair with bangs because I can't master any other hairstyle and don't want to brush my hair more than twice a day. And I am a complete disaster when it comes to painting my nails. In fact, I have to wear acrylic nails because I chewed mine to nubs years ago. It's the only part of me that ever looks polished, and that's because a professional takes care of it. I'm okay with all of this, so I'm not offended when someone laughs at my eye shadow, but I knew I had sunk to an all time low when the repairman showed up yesterday to fix our dryer vent.

I was home alone and was expecting him. I shuffled to the door in my glorious old purple housecoat but was still in I feel so bad I don't give two figs mode. When I opened the door his face said it all. He asked if I wanted to see the new vent. That required a trek across the yard, so I explained that I was in feel so bad I don't give two figs mode and would trust his judgement. From the time we started the brief conversation he started backing down the steps. Even before he knew I was sick, so I can't fully blame it on him not wanting to catch anything I had. He couldn't get off my porch fast enough. Since I was also in feel so bad I want to be mean mode I almost shouted something ugly at him, but I caught myself. Besides, I probably didn't have the lung capacity for it.

Surely, I can't be that bad, I thought. I mosied into the bathroom and was stunned. I don't know what was worse, my vampire like complexion or the hair that hadn't been brushed in two days and was wadded up in a ponytail holder. It was in direct contradiction to my lovely OPI French Cognac manicured nails. I brushed my hair, then my teeth and made a point not to go to the door until I wasn't scary anymore. I also felt like I should call Jason the repairman back and apologize...and explain that normally, I'm at least clean...and apologize again.

So, with this morning's bath, I'm headed in the right direction. And even though I'm not a girlie girl, I'm ready for some makeup...a little lipstick....some hair product....and a pretty little dress. Something that makes me a woman again.

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