Friday, November 2, 2007

Getting There

The doctor while listening to my lungs---

"Do you smoke?"


"Do you live with a smoker?"


"Have you always wheezed like this?"

"I've never wheezed."

"Well, you do now."

Asthmatic bronchitis and a sinus infection was my diagnosis yesterday. I was guessing a sinus infection on the way to the doctor's office. I wasn't counting on the asthma bronchitis thing. It does explain why it feels like a Clydesdale is standing on my chest. I was sent home with three prescriptions and instructions to get back into bed until I feel really well. That means I missed work yesterday and again today. Four and a half days this week. I haven't taken that much sick time in years. Oh well. Even if I had the strength to be there I'd gross everybody out with my gagging and coughing. So, I will just lay here.....and read...and daydream...and ponder solutions to world peace...maybe decide who I want to vote for.

I've had a special treat this morning. Hubby is babysitting a three year old for a couple of hours, and I've been listening to them chat and play, my 53-year old kid and this precious, talkative toddler. Hubby dragged out some of his toy collection, the stuff that's okay to play with like Lincoln Logs and a train. They've built buildings, a ranch, a prison (Hubby's idea) and knocked them all down. They drank a little juice and Toddler spilled some news about his family that I'm pretty sure is supposed to be a secret. Good news, but a secret nevertheless. Oops! They've watched a little bit of TV, and I'm surprised that Hubby seems to know all about these kids' shows. So that's what he and the dog do on rainy days. Hmm. Retirement must be nice. Oh, now they're playing pirates. Tee Hee. They're so funny. Toddler will go home in a few minutes and I hate to see him leave. I've so enjoyed eavesdropping on his and Hubby's playtime. This was better than TV...or the newspaper...or daydreaming....or thinking about the darned election. Anything is better than thinking about that election.


janjanmom said...

Oh my dear, I have had that exact diagnosis. The drugs will make it all better. I hope you got a steroid. You feel like crap, but it is fun to have all that energy as you heal. Pick up the car at least once!!

I had that illness for disney, with steroids. I outlasted even a man who walks for miles every day. Maybe I need a steroid for this eye thing...hmmm.

Vicky said...

I hope that you will relax and take your meds and get well...I've had plain ole bronchitis before, and I've had a bad sinus infection're sick! Take plenty of chicken old movies as you feel better. Get over the 'sick' and enjoy your recovery. Will miss you a few days, I suppose.