Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday

Thursday is Super Cop’s birthday. He’s five years younger than me. That means he’s been putting up with me bossing him around for 38 years. Being the big sis and already in kindergarten by the time he entered the world, I bossed him around plenty when we were growing up. You see, I was used to getting all of the attention, and I wasn’t really happy about him moving into my territory. I remember dancing around his baby carrier and taunting him when he was a tiny little thing. I got over it, but it took me a while, and the evidence is in the pictures. Here he is on his first birthday.

And here I am minutes later after I whined and cried and insisted on having my picture taken, too.

Here I am trying to upstage him again a year later. Ignore the pile of dirty Christmas dinner dishes in the background.

By the time he turned three I had learned to stay out of the picture.

He’ll be happy I posted this picture and not the one where he’s covered in frosting. By the way, this is the period where mama decided she would sew all of our clothes. She had a little problem with pants. The crotch was always droopy. I asked for skirts. Brother couldn’t.

Looking back, he was pretty patient with my bossiness. Oh, he protested when I insisted that my Cat Woman always beat his Batman, but he usually gave in. And he didn’t get TOO upset when I covered him in mud during a mud puddle fight. (Mama did). He let me have my way plenty, but usually got me back later. Like the week before my senior prom when he and Handy Man had the chicken pox and chased me around the house, trying to give them to me. Or when he teased me endlessly for crying because I shot a toad with the BB gun. I’d say we’re even in the sibling torture department. Well, I may be one up on him after posting these pics. Sorry bro, I couldn’t resist.

He’s a good brother, and I’m proud of him. He puts his life on the line as a police officer and takes good care of his family and friends. He has a big heart and a great sense of humor. That’s why I love him. I love him enough not to post the picture of him in a droopy diaper and a camouflage hat or the fifth grade school picture with the crooked grin or the six pictures where he has a big bump on his forehead…. Happy birthday Super Cop!

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Jason said...

Super Cop and I are exactly the same age! I enjoyed seeing some pictures....finally....maybe some day you can just give us a little tiny glimpse of what you and/or your family look like today? I know you'd rather not. But, I'm wanting to put a name with a face. Is it really because you only one tooth?