Monday, December 17, 2007

Strike Out

I’d like to take this moment to thank the writers in Hollywood for going on strike. Because of the horrible state of television lately I’ve been able to get a whole lot more done around the house. In fact, I’ve been considerably more productive without the distraction of TV. Ugy Betty rerun….two loads of laundry. Grey’s Anatomy rerun…more laundry. No Amazing Race….twelve gifts wrapped. Repeat of Desperate Housewives….dishwasher loaded, cookies iced. No new Brothers and Sisters….grocery list prepared. With nothing new slated for the boob tube tonight I’ll probably knock out those three holiday arrangements for the cemetery in no time. Yes siree, this strike has turned into a beautiful thing. It just goes to show that I could be at least 25% more productive if I didn’t stop throughout the evening to channel surf and vegetate before the squawk box.

In fact, I need this strike to last a while longer. The longer it goes on the more likely I am to:
1. Clean out the bathroom vanity.
2. Scan and organize my old family photos.
3. Sort through my plastic ware and get rid of the stuff without lids, the pieces that have melted somewhat in the dishwasher and the sixteen amusement park cups we collected this summer.
4. Clean the oven.
5. Clean my pores.
6. Clean my cabinets.
7. Finish that ten year old scrapbooking project.
8. Complete that stampin’ project I started two years ago.
9. Scrub my tile.
10. Scrub my baseboards.
11. Exfoliate my feet.
12. Loofah my back.

Oh, the list of things I could accomplish is endless. I could be organized, cleansed, prepared and polished for anything and everything that comes along. Or....I could check out E! True Hollywood Story tonight….or some abdominal surgery on TLC….maybe a rant by Nancy Grace….or Sanford and Son on TV Land. Yeah, I’m sure there’s something I could watch. I can always get to those cabinets later. They’re not going anywhere. Besides, I need a little break. I'm getting way too organized.

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Jason said...

I've been feeling the same way. Except I've already been preparing a mental list of replacement shows. I just barely got a DVR and they decide to go on strike?! What timing!