Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Eastern Facing Window

One of the things I enjoy most about the new house is the window in the front spare bedroom. It has this great view of the eastern sky, regularly giving me a spectacular show of the day's first light. I catch myself whispering, "Hello Beautiful," to something like this almost every morning:

Ha. The Pioneer Woman's got nuthin' on me. Well, except for a few thousand cows.


A New England Life said...

Every home should have a view like that! It's a great way to start or end a day.

I have told my husband several times that when we finally move I need a house where I can either see the sunrise or sunset (just like in the house we live in). Preferably both. It's just good for your soul.

J.G. said...

East for the morning, west for the night is essential for me. It's the perfect orientation, for just this reason!

The Church Lady said...

What a glorious sight to see every morning!

Jason, as himself said...

Yes. The cows. Plus, you've got ME! Which the PW does not have.

I guess one can't have everything.

Trailboss said...

No, she has nothing on you. Oh wait. Yes she does. PW gives away good prizes and might I mention that you were the lucky winner of a dutch oven that I would LOVE to have (hint hiny!) With that said I do like the view from the window.