Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hula-Gen Family Fun Fact #2034

In 1990 Hula and her Hubby honeymooned in Cancun, Mexico.  A large time was had by all.  In fact, Hula got second place in a rather crowded limbo contest.  It was a good thing she didn't win as first prize was a bottle of rum, and let's just say she didn't need any more of THAT.  There are no pictures or videos of that contest to share with you, and in this day and age of Facebook and social media, Hula says, "Whew!  Thank goodness."


The Church Lady said...

Ah those were the days! I think I have a sombrero and poncho just like that from Mexico!

A New England Life said...

Holy cow! Things have changed a little bit, haven't they ; )

Time does go by. Looks like a wonderful memory! Much better than our honeymoon where I lay in bed sleeping of a miserable cold.