Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Time is It?!

Holy 1984, Batman! It's a contender for the first song on my half marathon iPod playlist. It contains one of the best lyrics ever, "This dance ain't for everyone, just the sexy people."

Oh, and why does Blogger hate Youtube? Did they break up and no one told me? It also doesn't what me to use paragraphs anymore. Somewhere out there, my senior grammar teacher is wincing.


J.G. said...

I have had the same problem with paragraphs. You have to go into the settings and tell it to recognize returns as spaces, or use the "less than p greater than" command to make 'em.

It won't be so bad if you play this song while you're doing that . . . It's so fun!

The Church Lady said...

That song should keep you moving for sure! Thanks for the flashback! I just happened to catch Purple Rain on TV last week.

TACMAC said...

Hula, I was up dancing like it was 1984!!!!! (oh my aching back) What a fun song!! What fun "at-ta0tudes." Thanks so much for the laughs along the way!! Love ya!!